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Omo 12kg for $20 Top Loader Plus $6 Shipping


OMO is one of the leading brands in laundry washing powder, and this top loader laundry powder will make your clothes squeaky clean and help to remove stains. Use it in your washing machine, for hand washing, or for soaking! Each pack includes 4 x 3kg bags of OMO Laundry Washing Powder (that should keep your clothes clean for a while!).

4 x 3kg bags of washing powder (12kgs in total)
Suitable for top loading machines and hand washing
Not suitable for front loading machines
Use at least 2 scoops per large load
Made in Vietnam

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1-Day, One Day Three Deals

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  • Really wanted the omo, alas no paypal option without the account creation.

    • imported fake omo. better buy australian.

      • oooohhhh damm

      • any prove?.

        • +3

          zoom the product picture and you will see foreign writing on the package. These products are not worth it. You can get these in sam warehouse:

          Product description says made in vietnam

      • -1

        It's not fake omo, it's just made in the omo factory in Vietnam for Vietnamese, so there is Vietnamese written all over the packaging.

        • +6

          its not fake as in its not made by omo, its just that omo makes an inferior product for foreign markets which makes its way here. So you can not compare australian omo to foreign substitutes.

          Even the description says "use at LEAST 2 scoops" ?? WHat? Real omo needs at MOST 1 scoop

          With 12kg you're effectively getting less than 6 and no guarantees on being clean either.
          Middle of the range australian powders can get 90-95% of the quality of omo at about $2/kg. there was a choice article on this a while ago.

          • +1

            @voter1: Actually, even less, now that all washing powder comes in 2x concentrate, this is essentially equal to 3kg of washing power only.

            • @amkssg: yes but concentrate powder is about 2x more expensive so it really ends up the same.

              eg. decent washing powder is around $2/kg or $2/500g for concentrate.

              The other thing that isnt mentioned is the actual scoop size - is it the standard australian size etc.

              • @voter1:

                yes but concentrate powder is about 2x more expensive so it really ends up the same.

                2x more expensive than a 1x concentrate, yes.
                But it not more expensive than it used to be, you just get half as much but you need to use half you used to.

                eg. decent washing powder is around $2/kg or $2/500g for concentrate.

                The brand name washing powder i buy is a 2x concentrate and is $2 per kg

    • If you have a credit card use that to pay 1-day, there is no reason to use paypal unless you are dealing through ebay.

      • The paypal option i am referring to is being able to purchase without making an account with the seller ie

        Click buy it now, click paypal then user name and password transaction over.

        Agree i use it on ebay aswell, i just dont like to sign up to every single 1 day site and get the associated spam etc plus i am lazy to bother giving them my unnecassary details

        • You dont need to make an account on 1-day.
          There is an option when you click on the ckeckout button "I don't want an account just send me through the checkout"

          You only need to enter your address and credit card details

          • @anthony: Exactly if i wanted to use my credit cards which i clearly dont, thanks though

            With the paypal option this isnt required you dont need to fill in address etc

  • +3

    This Omo works out to be $2 per kg.

    Not really a good deal, Spree concentrate is usually about the same price at Woolworths and as it is double concentrated you will use 50% less per load compared to using this Omo, so buying the spree is actually cheaper than this Omo.

    To save on packaging / freight the washing powder companies have made the powder twice as concentrated than it used to be (im sure everyone has noticed the smaller boxes and '2x' on the label)

    So if you spend up to $4 per kg on 2x concentrate powder it is still cheaper than buying the Omo from 1-day.

    • Which makes us realise how much filler there is in the boxes etc

  • +1

    Made in Vietnam

    Not quality, not up to Australian standards.
    No deal!

  • -1

    What day and age are people living in? They are worried about country of manufacture? How many Australian made products can you find nowadays(Unfortunately)? What about the laptops or computers that we are using to make comments here? It is the same quality powder by the same manufacturer, other wise they would object to an inferior product being sold here!

    • +2

      um thats where you're wrong - it is definitley an inferior product. They are forced to make it because people in other countries cant afford the good stuff and in vietnam this powder is probably already the best but here it is just crap.

      Omo are 100% against this but its not illegal so they cant stop it.

      There was some news a while ago about how people were diluting this foreign powder even further in some sort of racket and were arrested because then it actually became illegal.

  • +1

    Actually I have to disagree, I am not a fan of these specials / 1 day sites selling asian versions of products without telling people about it, IF 1-day did then good on them, I know Catch of the day never does and i have bought some products (chupa chups, Colgate Toothpaste) without knowing it was the vietnamese brands. There is a massive difference in quality, You can taste it / feel it straight away. I dont mind them being sold still because generally its cheaper so if people dont mind the quality then they can save money. BUT I would want to be informed before i order that its not what i think it is. When i order Colgate Toothpaste or Chupa Chups in sydney, i would imagine i am getting the australian version with the same taste and texture….

    • Just FYI Woolworths sell the same 40 pack of chupa chups that COTD sells. Both seem to be imported because they have a white sticker on the back with the Australian information on it. I got mine a little cheaper at COTD though.

      • Sometimes the packaging might be absolutely identical except for that sticker where it says the importer. Woolies will only deal with the "official" importer whereas COTD and others are not obliged to.

    • IF 1-day did then good on them

      I have noticed on several occasions that 1-day disclose the country of origin on their products, it is one of the things i do like about them

  • I find that hard to believe, unless you mean woolies sells both types? because i have never tasted any chupa chups in australia like the ones i bought from COTD, I gave it to some friends of mine who are fans of chupa chups because i thought at least they might be able to finish them off but they just gave it back because they really didnt like it after the first few. I have also never seen chupa chups being sold here where all over the packaging is a different language except for the words chupa chup.

  • parallel imports are very rarely as good as their australian counterparts. not worth it.

    • doesnt make this a bad deal for ppl who want cheap washing powder !! no -ve needed here really .

  • Um - has anyone checked the country of manufacture of any items lately?

    Two examples - Colgate toothpaste, and Band-Aids. Have a look.

    We sometimes don't have a choice of buying items made in Australia anymore.

    • +1

      It's not the country of manufacture per se. It's whether it was manufactured to Australian standards instead of local ones.

    • We sometimes don’t have a choice of buying items made in Australia anymore.

      So don't buy Colgate?

  • +2

    And also, a lot of my clothes were made in Vietnam, so this washing powder should work well on them I guess.

  • +3

    Guys, i dont think you understand. The problem isnt that its made overseas as much as what the overseas ingredients are and the quality control and the contaminants possible. Alot of items made overseas BUT are manufactured knowing that they will be shipped internationally or specifically for the western countries have totally different quality control measures and chemicals / ingredients than items which are thought that they will only be sold in that particular country. And therein lies the distinction. Hence if Panasonic or some company makes an item in a country but is planning on shipping it worldwide, they have a completely different idea of quality control and procedures and staff training etc to just being made for local sale. Case in point will be how a lot of noodle packets and other food items that are designed for sale in asian countries are allowed to have MSG etc but ones that are designed to be shipped out to australia dont have MSG.

    • Yeah thats why alot of imported products have Import Quality scribbled over the packaging just to distinguish it from the local version!

    • Very good points lonewolf!

  • interesting ..

  • also slightly worried about the claim it will make your clothes "squeaky clean" lol

    • this whole 2X marketing gimmick is a hogwash?
      can someone prove that the detergents that are declared as 2X wash 2 time better than 1X?
      i consider this deal is the best Vs the cheapest on Pulse for 3$ kg for Radiant.

      • They are not 2x better, just twice as concentrated.
        Which means, you need half the amount of washing powder for each wash.
        Which also means, what was previously sold as a 2kg box, is now a 1kg box.
        Companies do that as it reduces packaging size and weight, and reduces storage space, which reduces cost of storage and transportation. Essentially, they are reducing their overheads but charging us the same price.

        • what was stopping them from getting to this 2X until some time back?
          for ages we have had 1X and there is no rocket science that goes into making detergent powders.

          • @savvyclarke: Because in the consumers eyes more is better.

            If one and only one brand of clothes detergent decided to bring out 2x concentrate they would appear to be selling half as much and it would be twice the price.
            So why would the consumer buy less when they can buy another brand, get twice as much and pay the same price.

            The 2x concentrate is an agreement between all the clothes detergent manufacturers to universally release 2x concentrate products meaning the playing field remains equal for everyone and they can all save on packaging/fillers at the same time.

          • @savvyclarke: I would say that it depends largely on the demands of the period. I means, lots of research goes into what consumers want, and that changes from time to time.

            It's the same rationale as why Coca-cola used to sell only 370ml cans, and 500ml and 1.25L bottles.
            Now it comes in 100ml, 330ml cans, and 300ml, 500ml, 600ml, 1L, 1.25L, 2L bottles and other sizes.
            And if you didn't realise, a 330ml glass bottle of coke cost way more than a 370ml can. And yet, ppl still buy them.

            There is also a psychological component to it. It's a way advertisers influence the way we think and buy stuff through packaging, and using words like "2x".

            • @amkssg: I've been watching detergent for years. competition kept them down to reasonable level for quite long but then revolt of sorts got the manufactures to unite and re-brand the whole thing as 2X only to be able to jack up the prices to keep them profitable.
              i haven't seen a single study that proves that you can do with half the amount of 2X powder to get equivalent cleansing power as that is possible with 1X.
              try in in your home and you'll see for yourself that 2X is more of an placebo that anything else.

              • @savvyclarke:

                i haven’t seen a single study that proves that you can do with half the amount of 2X powder to get equivalent cleansing power as that is possible with 1X.

                Because there doesn't need to be one.
                If the active cleaning chemicals per standard dose of powder are the same in 1x and 2x then both have the same cleaning power.

                Put the powder in before your clothes so it can dissolve (for a top loader) and once dissolved a 50g scoop of 1x will release the same amount of cleaning chemicals as a 25g scoop of 2x

                • @anthony: how do you know - with evidence - that 2x will twice the cleaning chemical for the same amount?

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