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[3DS] Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Conquest for $55 Each at Target


Not a bad price for day one - cheaper than EB Games by $4.95 and JB Hi-Fi by $4.

For those wondering, the difference between the two versions is the side you can play as. Each has a different perspective of the same story, with Birthright viewing the battle against a corrupt king and his kingdom and Conquest viewing the attempt to change the kingdom from within.

TL:DR of version differences - View story from Side A or Side B?

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • There's a bit more to it than story content, Conquest is much more challenging with more varied mission objectives than Birthright (and the better story, in my opinion)

    • I would say Revelation is the best part to take in terms of exploring the game. With that being said Conquest would be suitable for hardcore fans while Birthright gives more room for mistakes. Point here is "Gotta catch 'em all" haha

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    This is good for people who don't want the SE. Anyway My Nintendo also has the promotion of getting 10% off for potentially both Conquest and Birthright which is an alternative to get it a tard cheaper as well. No info on Revelation yet and there's high chance it would get a discount if the other versions were bought digitally

    • 10% off requires 20 Gold Points ($12 - $26 spend on other eShop purchases).

      Revelation and the other path are available as DLC which are discounted, doesn't matter if the first version is bought digitally.
      "Both Birthright and Conquest are wholly different campaigns that contain unique challenges, and by accessing the Branch of Fate on the main menu, it’s possible to purchase the opposing path at a reduced cost, as well as Revelation when it launches on June 10, using Nintendo eShop funds." - Nintendo Australia

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    Expecting this to be a bit cheaper. About $48 like most of new release 3ds games. Makes me feel a bit better about getting the special edition for $130

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      Makes me feel a bit better about getting the special edition for $130

      Now that I think about it, the Special Edition is $130 and the two games alone (Birthright and Conquest) are $110 together.

      This makes Revelations, the SteelBook, the Artbook and the Map $20 as a bundle. The Special Edition is a really good deal.

      • I expect revelations to be $30 on the eshop if the US prices are about the same. I think it also comes with a 3ds pouch. Also Eb give you a theme for pre ordering so it is not a bad deal. Porblem for me is it comes out the day I fly to Hawaii. Would have been great for the plane ride haha

      • And also on one cartridge

      • Where can i buy this $130 pack? I cant seem to find it anywhere!

    • Did you order it at JB Hifi? I managed to pre-order mines for $99! Same with the Bravely Second's Collector's Edition. The trick is to pre-order it real early! Just for future reference, JB are pretty good in terms of pre-order pricing.

  • +1

    Currently 48(+ship) from gamesmen and comes with pre- order bonus.

  • haven't even finished the first released title, now there's 2 more to buy :(

  • i've downloaded it but too lazy to play

  • +2

    Be careful when buying this game as it's not the exact same game as release as the Japanese release and comes with major differences.
    Regardless if you agree with the changes or not it doesn't matter, it's the same as removing all the sexual encounters of Game of Thrones and the same as removing violence and gore from Call of Duty games. Saying these games are rehashes are invalid as this is the 12th version of the game with the exact same "Advance Wars" type turn base strategies with differences like every Call of Duty game released yearly, they all have additions as sequels. They remove some major features, which make this independent from other games.

    They removed half the romance options, remove half of the clothing and remove some features which allows you to get closer to your companions, people deserve to know this as Nintendo should "ANNOUNCE" they remove these features

    This in turn shows Nintendo is an extremely bad company, that should warn of the changes made in the game to EVERYONE but they don't and your essentially getting half the game which Nintendo shown at e3 and TGS a couple of years back. THEY should announce these changes, it's false advertising they know and should be fined by respective countries. Don't show games with features and then remove them when you sell to the consumer.

    Sorry for the rant but people deserve to know.

    • +1

      Yes the International release is different to the Japanese release (mostly with stuff being removed/censored from the Japanese version). As such you would probably want to consider this game as separate to the Japanese version (sadly).

      If you're a big fan and you're really annoyed by these changes, you could always just buy a Japanese console and play the Japanese version in the Japanese language (or English fansub).

    • +3

      I hate censorship but I like Fire Emblem for the gameplay and that seems to be untouched.

  • Now i just need a deal on a New 3ds XL…

  • id just preorder the limited pack for $130

  • Wow. 19 days away. Well, gives the people who need to enough time to save up. :)

  • What about bigw?

  • anyone willing to sell? will pay extra!!!

  • Revelations and the alternative path will be $26 each as DLC.

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