Manuka Honey any recommendations

Gday all good folks of OzB!!!! Just wondering if any of you take Manuka Honey on a regular basis. If so, what brand do you buy and where can they be bought ? Also, more importantly does taking it do anything for you, apart from making a dent on your hip-pocket!
cheers and have a nice day!…. da olrocker!!!!


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    Be very skeptical, at this stage, about any research that points to other and profound benefit beyond wound-care. Indicated for that and clearly works.

    From recent Landline and includes an overview of the original story -

    Original Landline story on Manuka from March last year -

    Enjoy those.
    I recall mention in the most recent one of counterfeit 'Manuka Honey', so be it to eat or supposed medical-grade otherwise, maybe be careful if seeking the very cheapest online.

  • Define what is a medical grade Manuka in your opinion…

    I always thought anything above 16+ is Medical Grade but I could be wrong.

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      Beyond results of normal honey processing and in practical terms beyond the basic antibacterial level on offer? Probably not a hell of a lot, as value-adding to 'medical grade' goes :)

      This company (thanks google) adds "medical grade" honey to the dressings they sell -

      Blurb from a PDF:

      Medical-grade honey that is used in wound care refers to honey that:

      • has been sterilised by gamma radiation to remove impurities, synthetic pesticides and microbes
      • has standardised antibacterial activity
      • is regulated by pharmaceutical standards
      • is registered for medical purpose.
  • thanks for your quick responses guys/ gals !!! The missus uses the stuff whenever she gets the cold/ flu etc…. says it actually reduces the severity and quickens the recovery. As for me, I just suck on lollies like Soothers :-) But thankfully I'm very resistant to such ailments due to taking lotsa Cod Liver Oil as a kid… cheers

    • you could use normal honey and its the same for colds.that black honey honey is more potent in flavour but works the same from experience. specilty deli stores sell them such as teh ones inside vic markets. i use honey sore throats and hay fever symtom reduction

    • Yep, the ol' CLO really works!

    • I get the Barnes Naturals brand Manuka, it's available in 5+, 10+ and 15+ and is often on sale at Chemists Warehouse.

      I eat it regularly by the spoonful when I feel a sore throat coming on. It could well be a placebo but I feel that it reduces the length and severity of my sore throat and stops it spreading from my sinuses.

      Placebo or otherwise, it's bloody expensive. But I need all the help I can get when I'm trying to fight off a cold!