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[Humble Monthly] Pre-Purchase June Bundle USD $12 ~ AUD $16.29 to Immediately Get Rocket League


It's that time of month again. Pay USD$12 and receieve Rocket League as well as next months bundle which are usually 6 games. Buy it with the thought in mind that you are paying USD$12 and getting Rocket League with 6 free games. Otherwise you may be dissapointed when the rest of the games are released. last month we had Mad Max and that ended up with:

(Full RRP)
Mad Max: $59.99
Infinifactory: $24.99
Crawl: $9.99
Jumpjet Rex: $9.99
Fran Bow: $14.99
Galak Z: $9.99
Oddworld New N' Tasty $19.99
1993 Space Machine: $12.99

This is NOT the lowest price for Rocket League, but does come with additional games.

It becomes USD$10.80 when you spend at least USD$1 on the current game bundle (only for new subscribers):

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    Damn won't be getting this next months either i already have max max from last and rocket league.


      I actually haven't bought any mystery bundles because I already owned all the games they announced. It also usually tends to be the best game out of the bundle too.


    First month is USD $10.80 for those subscribing for the first time


    You can probably save a bit if you buy one of the bundles first. They include a 10% off coupon and only cost $1USD


    Shouldn't this say June bundle?

    Was tempted to get may bundle for mad Max buy my wall of shame if already too big…


    Could I wait until all the games are announced and pay the same amount? Or is the monthly bundle a blind purchase only?


      Blind. They announce one game (Rocket League) and the rest is blind. Otherwise there is no point of difference compared to their other bundle formats.


      once the rest of the games are announced, it is too late to buy that bundle. The premise being they announce the AAA 'most wanted' title and then the rest of the titles are overlooked fun titles, etc.etc. as picked by the staff.


    It becomes USD$10.80 when you spend at least USD$1 on the current game bundle:

    q: can anyone please verify that? I'm an existing bundle subscriber and usually there is a notice of the 10% discount on Humble Store purchases - however that is not showing for me if I pre-order the next bundle.


      Coupon included in this bundle:
      10% off Humble Monthly for New Subscribers

      Only for new subscribers.


      I do believe that the coupon only works for new subscribers, however thats not to say you cant stop the subscription and then use the coupon to repurchase it again. (I could be wrong) I also think that the coupon isnt applied until the very last section of the checkout?
      EDIT: Seems like it cant even be redeemed even though i skipped last months monthly and want to subscribe this month. (Basically a one off coupon thats tied to your account)

      I guess if you really wanted to save on it, you could make multiple accounts….Though it is a hassle.


    I already have rocket league but wouldnt mind a spare. Can I get a code or is it on my account? Can I swap accounts after I get rocket league?


    Anyone wanna make an ozbargain Rocket League team? PM me

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