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Stellaris $29.99 USD after 25% off Discount Code (~ $40 AUD) from GreenManGaming


Stellaris is a new 4x Space Grand Strategy Game from renowned game Studio: Paradox Interactive, Gameplay footage can be seen on Youtube as some of the Youtubers such as Arumba got their early copies already.
If you like the previous titles such as Crusader Kings II or/and Europa Universalis IV, take a new step and Conquer the space (Screw The French and the Karlings) with new Races including Space spiders, Evil Porcupines, Dinosaur Bird and many more custom Races.
Expect Great mods such as Starwars or Mass effect Mods that will be released in the future since Paradox is renowned for their great community support.


  • Deep & Varied Exploration.

  • Enormous procedural galaxies, containing thousands of planets.

  • Explore Anomalies with your heroic Scientist leaders.

  • Infinitely varied races through customization and procedural generation.

  • Advanced Diplomacy system worthy of a Grand Strategy Game.

  • Ship Designer based on a vast array of technologies.

  • Stunning space visuals.

For those who's interested in the other edition of the game:

  • Stellaris Nova Edition $27.9 USD after discount (~$51 AUD)
    This includes Paradox Nova Forum icon, Original Soundtrack and an Exclusive Alien Race

  • Stellaris Galaxy Edition $ 52.5 USD After discount (~$72 AUD)
    This Includes Stellaris Novel (ebook) by Steven Saville, Galaxy Forum Icon, Digital Collectors Book, Signed Wallpaper, Unique Forum Avatar, Original Soundtrack and an Exclusive Alien Race

So what are you guys waiting for? Go and grab a copy of Stellaris now! Flies away on Space Squids

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    RIP my spare time

    • I can say that you spend at least 1000 hours in one of those Paradox's games

  • $30.78 USD

    You can google up a 3% affiliate 3% off code too to take it down to $29.86 USD.

    Or if you want to VPN it you can get it for $9.41 USD: (it says Russian language but in my experience it has all the language options… won't know until release though)

    • Since G2A is a grey market i won't be linking this at the main page, but i will just leave it at the comment in case people wanna buy from G2A

      • Oh yeah, greenmangaming is a safer bet. It's just not cheapest.

        • +1

          actually for a few cent, base game is US$29.99 with 25% discount, GMG is a far better choice tbh

        • +1

          @Trantor: Oh yeah. I was fooled by the title and thought it was a $10 USD difference. Good suggestion on the revision.

  • OP, put that actual discount price in US$ the in heading, not the pre discount code price, it can be confusing

    • +1

      Oh okay, i will revise i right away

  • Bugger I bought it from GMG with a 20% off discount only yesterday. Didn't see the 25%!

    • Oh bugger

  • How long is the 25% going for?

    • Till this friday

  • Got an email from Green Man Gaming that the game has been released and SPACE25 25% off has been extended until Friday.

    • Alrigt thanks for the info

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