Storing Stuff

I've been clearing the house as the missus wants to do a reno in the near future. What I've realised is that I've got no systematic storage process for my things, many of which I've bought influenced by OZB. I own a lot of books (independently bought) and they're on shelves mainly in the library, the missus has found a place for my man toys, and I've organised the wine stash in a mini cellar. I also have a place for sports gear and a small box of future gifts. I still have to organise my tools. The rest (clothes, knick knacks, etc.) have gone/are going to family and Vinnies.

Thank goodness I started to convert to a more minimalist lifestyle a while back.

How much stuff do you have and how do you store it? Do you find that if you live in a big place, you end up with a lot more stuff than people who say live in small apartments?


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    Once a year I do a proper cleanout of everything in storage. And I'm brutal. I can't stand clutter.

    I'm used to living in units though, so minimalist is nothing new to me.


    I think it is human nature. I used to live in a bigger house. We have since downsized to a smaller house. For a while, our garage was our storage area, we park our cars outside on the driveway. I must admit I am a bit of a hoarder and I like to keep packaging material from stuff I buy and/or delivered, because I found them useful sometimes if ever I need them. Boxes are useful when stuff needs to be back for warranty purposes. I do a yearly clear out of boxes of stuff that is no longer in warranty or broken. Packaging material were useful when I did my reno, I kept the plastic sheets from the furniture I bought and use them as dropsheets. You won't believe how expensive drop sheets are. Packaging material is also useful when you have kids in school, as they regularly need some material to build their projects.


    I intended to avoid this problem by avoiding buying stuff. It helps, but I still have too much stuff.


    I tend to store, then purge occasionally. I know we've got too much stuff though. Moved into a bigger house, turfed a fair bit of stuff, but we can comfortably fill all our extra space. We've got no hope, both my wife and my parents were hoarders, fortunately not to the extent seen on TV though.

    The garage is a mess right now as renovations are consuming time. Once the renos are done I can have a nother crack at sorting out the garage and purge some more stuff that 'might come in handy one day'. Unfortunately I have a habit of knowing there is something in the garage when I need, then being able to find it it so keep all sorts of bits and pieces for DIY.