Looking at a Monitor for Xbox One

Had my eye on the ASUS VP278H for a while which seems to be designed with console gaming in mind and currently going for $299 with free shipping at mwave (https://www.mwave.com.au/product/asus-vp278h-27-full-hd-led-...), just curious to see if anyone has thoughts on this or any other monitors for console gaming?


  • There isn't any monitor designed with console gaming in mind. A monitor is a monitor lol and will work with anything. Do you have any preferences for size, resolution, TN/IPS type?

  • Looking for a monitor for Console gaming too.
    Things to consider: http://www.displaylag.com/
    TN Panels are known to have lower ms/lag than IPS screens and a popular choice has always been this: Benq 27" RL2755HM ($349 @ MWAVE)

    I recommend IPS/PLS, much better image and colours and from what I've seen, no major issues with Input Lag.
    I currently game on a 24" DELL IPS and the image is perfect.

    Something like this if you want to stick to ASUS: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/asus-vc279h-27-full-hd-ips-...