Woolies - Paracetemol - Tablet & Capsule - Differences?

So I was in Woolies today looking at the Homebrand paracetamol & saw they have two, a pack of 20 tablets, and a pack of 20 capsules.

Both have 500mg of paracetamol. No sugar or lactose. I can't remember if the capsules are declared gluten free but the tablets are.

The capsules are $1.05 and the tablets are 70c.

Other than the price, in true OzBargain style I was wondering what the difference is. What are the advantages/disadvantages of both of them? Is the capsule just to make it taste better, are you paying 35c more for whatever that is made of? What IS that stuff and is it better not to have it?

Questions questions :D


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    I'm not an expert but I am guessing the difference is in the type of coating used. The smoother coating and casing on the capsules is probably more expensive than the coating on the tablet.

    It really depends on how well you body reacts to the chemicals used and how easy it is to swallow either a capsule or a tablet.

    I find I can swallow a capsule easier than a tablet and the aftertaste isn't as bad on a capsule. This is my personal opinion. Other people may have the opposite view.

    At the end of the day it goes down to which one feels better to you when you take it. If you are sick or in pain you probably are looking for something that will make you feel better initially rather than worse.

    • Very true :) and yes it is easier to swallow a capsule, but they do taste funny sometimes :/

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    Unique mixes and ingredients are possible
    Sealed hard gelatin caps can be good oxygen barriers
    Protection for sensitive ingredients
    Shell normally breaks down/opens in 4 minutes
    Reduced gastrointestinal irritation
    Odorless, tasteless, easy to swallow
    Oil and fat-soluble nutrient delivery

    Well accepted, elegant
    Custom size, shape, and appearance
    Notching possible for dose splitting
    Low cost
    Low cost coatings for enteric delivery
    Dissolution control for quick, delayed, or extended release

    Bulky materials can result in large capsule size
    Can be susceptible to moisture
    Ingredients can interact with capsule shell
    More difficult to fill accurately
    Capsule or lubricant allergies/sensitivities are possible
    Softgel contents restricted to a tight pH range

    Excessive compaction, poor dissolution
    Granulation technique can add heat/moisture to viable components
    Customer concerns/self-testing of tablet dissolution
    Problems with irritant compounds exacerbated by poor tableting
    Coating sensitivities

    • Awesome info :) Thanks!

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    The active ingredient (paracetamol) is the same in both forms, so I always just buy whatever is cheapest. The other 'ingredients' don't do a huge amount other than assist with swallowing (sugar coating etc) or making it absorb slightly faster.

    • I ended up getting the tablets, they taste ikky but that makes you swallow them faster haha

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    Go to chemist warehouse and get 100 tablets for $1


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      Ooooo thanks! :) Wow so cheap!

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