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Eco Downlights from $14.95 at Cetnaj Lighting


As part of the Cetnaj Lighting 2010 Season Sellout Sale we have Eco Energy Efficient Downlights on sale. We have the below Blink fittings available at up to 30% off. Available in-store and online.

- Fixed Eco Downlight in white - $14.95 ea

- Fixed Eco Downlight in Brushed Chrome - $15.95 ea

- Adjustable Gimble Eco Downlight in White - $15.95

- Adjustable Gimble Eco Downlight in Brushed Chrome - $16.95 ea

All fittings include the 13W CFL globe. Energy Efficient lights feature a Compact Fluoro Lamp (CFL)which uses considerably less power than traditional globes, in this case the CFL replaces a halogen lamp which means the fitting not only uses less energy which saves you money and helps save the environment by cutting greenhouse emissions, it also runs cooler as they give off little to no heat which helps reduce cooling costs as well.

Fixed rate shipping on all orders and free shipping included for orders over $500. :)

Limited Stock available.

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Cetnaj Lighting ~ Electrical ~ Data

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  • You might want to explain what these are,
    i.e. a compact-floro replacement for halogen downlights.

  • Good to know these now available as replacements for halogen downlights.

    Are these for 12V or 240V fittings?

    I presume they would have to be much lower risk of fire too - especially for dodgie bros insulation installers who have been laying crumple and bats on top of downlights (great 4 corners last monday).

    Also, what about cfl replacement for my 400W halogen free-standing "up-light" lamp???


      Hi, these are 240V, which means they don's use a transformer. They are a lower fire risk for those who are worried about the dodgy insullation, as that is a concern these days. You can however get a Halogen downlight with built in heat protection for around $20 if you do still like Halogen but are worried about the heat, as well as retro fit downlight covers.

      At this point I don't think there is a CFL alternative for your 400W linear halogen. Will be interesting to see if there will be since it is most likely dimmable… :)

  • The prices for the kits seems OK (looking at the Adjustable Gimble Eco Downlight in White - $15.95) but I'm not sure they're any cheaper than Bunnings.

    Not sure about the 240V lights.
    They can be prone to shorting out more often than its 12V equivalent.
    The 240V don't like surges/spikes/etc. 12V don't have this problem because the transformer regulates the electricity.

    For what its worth, the new expensive LED downlights (at $50+ each) are currently mounted via a 12V fitting not the 240V.

    I need to replace around 20 Halogen downlights with ones that are not as bright and will produce much less heat.
    So this would be a $300+ investment :(

    I really might wait till LED 12V downlights are $10 a globe.
    I think I'll be waiting a long, long time.


      Hi, while they might be a similar price to Bunnings, you will find they are selling a cheaper alternative that wont have the same quality as these fittings. They will be much more plastic than the Blink (aka Brilliant) fittings. If you look at our competitors they are selling this exact fitting for at least $20 - $25.

      Also, while $300 is $300, it isn't a huge cost for a "home improvement" it will save you in the long run since they use about 1/5th the power and last about 5 times as long. However if you don't want to spend that much, you can now also get an Energy Efficient IRC Halogen that uses approx 3/4 of the energy of a standard Halogen. (We do have those on our site for $4.95 ea). You are correct however with what you have said both about the 240V v 12V and the brightness level. It all depends on your situation whether these fittings will be suitable for you.

      Regarding LED's, everyone is predicting that they are the future, but like you said, at that cost is it a practical solution, maybe a few years down the track. :) It all depends on your situation.

    • Note that you still need ventilation above these lights.
      While compact floros and LEDs put out less heat, they are also less heat-tolerant.

      You can multi-emitter LEDs like the Soul P7 or Cree MC-E that come close to a 50W halogen at 10W.
      At this stage they are $15 ea for the LEDs only. May be feasible for DIY for the serious enthusiast.