Financial Accountant Seeking Career Advice

Hi guys,

I thought I'll post my current dilemma here to get some advise and perspective. Here goes —

I am an Accountant who completed his CPA couple of years ago with Distinction in each CPA exam.

I recently got a new job in the City which pays me really well but…

  1. 6 months into the job and person I replaced for this role is still working here. He was supposed to leave after training me but that day never came. Trust me the training finished long time ago. Apparently according to the owners he is doing some project work and will finish up in June-July.

  2. I expected this to be a management level position (I say that since I read the job description and also from the thoughts I gathered during the interview). 6 months into the job and the management meetings which are normal at any work place have not happened even once. Everyone just seems to be busy. Occasionally I'll get invitations to discuss a new strategy but when it's meeting time, they'll cancel at the last minute saying everyone's busy and we'll re-schedule for some other time.

As any other individual I have very high hopes and ambitions from my career and feel I am not doing justice to myself. I am not enjoying this role and it has become very monotonous and boring. I fear if my attitude is so negative 6 months into the role what would I feel 2 years later or even 4 years later.

I was really looking forward to working here and have a history of staying at my old jobs for 3-4 years minimum. But I am giving up on this one with each passing day.

Would like to get some thoughts on my thinking and any advice would be appreciated.



  • Look to move elsewhere.
    No point in wasting your time in a position that seems to be going no where.
    Seems like the company needs a culture shift and that takes time.

    • To be fair, he is approachable. I am planning to have a chat to him in a week or so.

      My observation so far has been that all 'high end'stuff has been left with the old person I replaced as he is still here, while all reporting and repetitive work has been laid off to me.

      • Don't have a chat till the specified period your boss mentioned June/July.

        In the mean time have a look at other jobs that you want and start applying for them.

  • Being an accountant myself and being an experienced accountant yourself, I'm sure you can find a better job. I believe career is not about how much you earn but its about how satisfying your career is :)


    A similar thing happened to my friend but in Law.
    They were promised a certain type of law and rotations around the firm. It NEVER happened. They brought it up multiple times to their boss who would always push the timeline to the point they quit 2 years in and they didn't even care.

    Best of luck with whatever route you take.

  • Since you are new to career, I can advise you that all jobs are boring. The excitement fades away in 1-2 months. For the initial period of few months you will learn, but afterwards you would mostly be doing the same thing over and again. There may be few companies where this is NOT the scenario, otherwise its same in all industries, Accounting, IT or Management.

  • Are you still in the same company? Where are you now?

  • Do what's best for yourself.