expired PS4 Bloodborne: GOTY Edition - $39.95 on PlayStation Store


Great deal this week for the PlayStation Store Deal Of The Week.
Get 50% off Bloodborne: Game Of The Year Edition for PS4. The deal includes Bloodborne and The Old Hunters expansion as well.

Bloodborne is also available as a standalone for $35.95 (34% off) and The Old Hunters DLC as well for $17.95 (40% off)

Any fans of the Dark/Demon's Souls franchises should really get this, it's a frustrating brilliant game.

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    Paid USD47 4 months ago. AUD40 is a pretty good price for an awesome bit of gaming.

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    I got this for about the same price a few months ago and it's one of the best purchases I've made. I'd never played a souls-type game but absolutely ate this up.

    My only advice is to invest in some thumb grips. You're gonna get sweaty.


    very very good price, but since my main account is US I'll be waiting for the price to drop to about $30 USD for the GOTY before I buy it. I'm not keen on having different games from different regions on my system.


      From someone that is new to the PSN scene, could you explain this a little further?


        US PSN store often has cheaper games than the AU or EU region stores. eg: Killzone ws $5 USD (about $8 AUD) last weekend on US store and I think it was $15 AUD on AU store.

        So just create a new PSN account on the US site (in your web browser) and choose a US state that doesn't have sales tax (google for that) and put your address as a hotel in the state with no sales tax (again google will help you find hotels in whichever state you choose). Add money to your US PSN wallet by buying $10, $20 etc. digital codes from US Amazon web site and you're set. Paypal or credit card payment with an AU card or account will usually not work with a US PSN account.

        Log in to your US account on your PS4 and you should be good to go.


          I see, so for the sake of getting discounted games, you have to have two accounts (one US and one AU), correct?


          @tranqme: yes as you download the games from the US account. When you switch accounts back to your AU account, all the data and games will be available. If you are really new to having a PS4 and don't buy physical games, you could probably just have a US account



          I haven't purchased a console or any games yet no, but I intend on buying physical games second hand when I do eventually purchase a console, will this cause issues with a US PSN account?


          @tranqme: if you have a US PSN account and you buy a AU game with DLC it won't work, which is why most people have 2 accounts

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        You are actually much better off (at least at this point in time) using a Canada PSN account rather than US.

        Most games are priced the same on both US/CA PSN stores, but because our dollar is ~ on parity with Canada but only about .75 cents against the US dollar, you are saving about 25% going with CA PSN store.

        For Example if I was to buy God of War Remastered today it would cost

        AU Store - $43.95
        US Store - $19.99USD ($27.65 AU)
        CA Store - $19.99CA ($21.28 AU)


          May I ask how to add money to CA PSN account?


          @sh4wnc: Amazon.ca instead of Amazon.com 👍But there is likely to no difference when it comes to if you buy it from Canada or the US



          Rather than buying PSN cards, I use the following steps I found somewhere (it may have even been someone on here)

          Here's what I did:

          1. Create a new PSN and PayPal account, using the same name and address for both.

          2. Confirm the email address for both accounts. Don't add/link any bank/card details yet.

          3. Log in to store.playstation.com(store.playstation.com)

          4. Click on your PSN ID, and Add Wallet Funds. Then Add PayPal.

          5. Log in to your new PayPal account here, add your card details and click on Save and Continue, then Agree and Continue. (Nothing is charged yet)

          6. With your PayPal account saved, you can log in topaypal.com(paypal.com) with your new account and remove your card details (Banks and cards > Edit > Remove Card).

          7. Ataccount.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com(account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com), click on Add Funds to Wallet and select your new PayPal account. (Don't click on Add PayPal)

          8. Select the Funding Amount ($5, $10, $25, $50, $60, or $150 minus Current Wallet Funds), but don't Continue yet.

          9. Log in to your normal PayPal account atpaypal.com(paypal.com), and click on Send and Request, then Send Money to Friends and Family. (Or you can have someone else send money to your new PayPal account)

          10. Enter the email address for your new PayPal account and click Next.
          11. Change the currency to CAD, and enter the amount that you want to fund your account with. Then Continue.
          12. Check the Payment Method, fee and when the money will be sent (It should say The money will be sent right away). When you're happy Send Money Now. (Your bank/credit/debit card is charged here)
          13. Not necessary, but log in to your new PayPal account, to check your PayPal balance.
          14. Go through with the wallet funding (Step 8). Continue and then Add funds to my wallet.

            Refresh the PlayStation Store, and click on your PSN ID to see the new funds in your wallet.


    I played it a little bit in my friend's account (only the beginning) and got tired of getting killed by a group of beggars around a fire.
    What do you guys think? Any advice? Should I buy it and give it another try? It looks like it's gonna run me out of patience.

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      That's absolutely normal for new players. This game needs patience and strategy and skill and practice. After getting familiar with the system, you will be love with the game. At least that what I was through. Also you could watch the walk-through on the youtube to get some idea about how the system works.

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      That's pretty much how it works. You die a lot but the idea is to learn from each death. Spend your blood echoes, level up and the area will be a breeze.


    Got it from target a while ago at $29, Still thought the year edition at $39.99 is a good price. Didn't ever have time to play it though.

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      The girl at Target accidentally put the GOTY disc in the standard box when I bought it for the same price, I only just noticed.


        Totally missed your chance bud.

        I started playing this and its crazy hard but gets better once you start levelling up etc!


    As someone who platinumed Demon's Souls on the PS3….I have never played another 'souls' game since. I'm very tempted to pick this up though for something a little different.


    any deals on just the dlc?
    not a fan of rebuying what I already own digitally >.<


    May the good blood guide your way.

    Nice deal