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Minimum 50% off Many Pet Products at Target


Noticed this randomly scanning some products at my local Target. At the store I went to every product in the pet section scanned at half price or lower. This included all of the "patch and socks" range of pet accessories and pet treats and also the VIP branded pet food. For example, a box of VIP liver brownies scanned at $1 (normally $4+ at Coles) VIP cat food box of 12 pouches scanned at $3 (down from $8) 500g bags of grain free cat food $1. Also pet beds $10 (from $28). I believe not all stores have a pet section so YMMV.

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    Noticed this randomly scanning some products

    Nice one ! True OzBargainer!

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      As you do!

  • May I know which target it is?

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        I can read and I have read the post, thanks for asking, but am I supposed to know where OP lives and which 'local target' he was referring to?
        If you cannot answer my question, you better not make those useless comment.

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          Sefton Park,SA was the store but friends have since confirmed other stores had the same prices so I imagine its most likely nationwide

        • @ang911:
          Thanks mate!

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      Sorry posted from my phone and didn't see the other post.

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      Your wrong again.

      You should be reported for dupes lol.

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    Not a dupe, other items not mentioned on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/250461

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      Not a dupe

      Same sale, same store…

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        Doesn't matter, many times items are posted on offer from same store, same sale.

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    Rocked up to my local Target at West Lakes in SA and there was a lady putting the discounted price tags as I left. I gave her a treat for her efforts.

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    From scanning the website last night I have these two lists of price decreases:
    Pet Products
    Pet Food

    Bought some cat treats at Newton SA and they were $3 and Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

    • Wow nice work with the lists. I just checked my receipt and I also got the third packet of treats free, even better!

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    Bought so many dog toys. The half bone ceramic dog bowl was a bargain! Best price for veg ears ever and the clothes are good quality, especually a raincoat for only $5! Thanks OP!

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    I grabbed a bunch of toys, bed, mat, clothes etc… and all of the VIP dog & cat dry food to give to local animal shelter. The VIP stuff is actually decent as it is not full of grain filler like most crap.
    VIP 3kg bag for $5, it's $15 at Woolys, Cat food for $1.00 per bag.

  • Merged from Target - Dog/Cat Leash/Harness/Toys < $5 (IN STORE ONLY?)

    Hey everyone,

    I just checked out the Target pets section and everything is super cheap (Wetherill Park)!

    I bought so much I've got a bargain for my next 3 dogs as well (More expensive for larger sizes, but still < $5)!

    Dog Harness: $2
    Dog Collar: $2
    Dog Lead: $2
    Dog Frisbee: $1

    Much cheaper than Petbarn!

  • So i was just in target and their cat litter was $4 a bag!
    Noway to get itthat cheap ever!

    Apparently they are closing down the pet section at target.
    Very unfortunate as i quite liked the stuff there.

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