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Samsung EVO 128GB MicroSD with Adapter £24.44 (~AU $48) Delivered @ Mymemory


Lowest price ever posted for this card by a considerable margin, credit to HUKD where it has blown up with 100+ votes in an hour

Mymemory is one of UK/Europe's biggest Memory sellers, so you can guarantee that these are genuine. 3440 reviews at 9.4/10 on trustpilot

UPDATE 12/06: Now £24.44 (~AU $48) Delivered with code SUMM10

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  • Got one…thanks

  • Is it worth getting the evo plus over the evo?

    Really need a 128GB microsd

    • +4 votes

      Although read speeds are faster, write speeds of the EVO+ are pretty much the same as the EVO.

      If you prefer the faster read speeds through, get the Sandisk Ultra 80MB/s version for $59.16 from Wireless1 eBay instead (enter code click20 in checkout). Performs similar to the EVO+, but is considerable cheaper

      • Thanks, was about to buy the EVO. I think read speeds are important for phones, especially when you're flicking through hundreds of photos.

      • Do you know what is the write speed of that Ultra?

        And also, how certain are Wireless1's goods to be genuine? This isn't a dig at the retailer, but the fact that fakes have flooded every channel and even reputable merchants get duped. I've heard even Amazon has sold fakes.

        • Write speeds should be around 80MB/s

          Wireless1 definitely sells genuine goods, they've had 274 deals posted on ozbargain with a decent reputation, and many SD card deals and SD bundle deals such as this, and there haven't been any complaints as of yet. They also have a physical store in Sydney.

          On the eBay side of things, they are a top rated seller with 41K feedback, have sold 295 of these Sandisk Ultra SD cards, with not a single feedback saying that they are 'fake.'

          Never heard of Amazon selling fakes either, unless it's a third party seller.

  • Got one, but how you covered £25.69 (~AU $51) ? Paypal rate is 1 AUD = 0.48017GBP when I paid…is there any better way to save?

    From amount $53.51 AUD
    To amount £25.69 GBP
    Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.480178 GBP

    • ~AU $51 is the approximate conversion if you pay with a fee free card such as 28 degrees or bankwest zero.

      • thanks.So if not using fee free card like ANZ any fee will be charged after paid via paypal?

        • +3 votes

          Yeah, paypal converts it for you (and will charge you a conversion free). You can also set your paypal billing currency to GBP so that paypal will charge your card GBP, but then your card will charge you a conversion fee.

        • @lyl: Does that opccur if you use paypal on a bank account (eg savings)? I've never tried that.

  • 48mb/s is not enough for 4k recording (min 60mb/s) - for this the sandisk ultra is better although i have read since it is not u3 (only u1) it also has issues with recordings ending prematurely

    • What's the write speed of the Ultra?

      • Appparently 80mb/s but still u1 type. Read there are issues with 4k recording on gopro and sandisk microsds get corrupted by samsung phones (not entirely compatible). Can anyone confirm this?

    • You are not only confusing read speeds and write speeds but also megabits and megabytes…
      Either way, these aren't particularly fast cards, most 128GB micro sd cards can't do more than about 20MB/s in writes, however that is enough for 100Mb (megabit) 4k video…

      There are about 3 brands with similar write speeds on Amazon for about $48 delivered, some have better read speeds too.

  • Grabbed one ty ^__^

  • got one evo card :) thanks

  • How long should we expect these to take to arrive?

    PC Byte will have these, tomorrow, for $53 delivered from Sydney.

  • Mayne, 200 giggimahjigs is gonna be this price soon at this rate \o/

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