Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Repair/Replacement Cost?

I broke my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen. The glass is cracked, but the touch screen is working fine. I am currently on 24 months contract with the Vodafone and completed ten months. My bad I didn’t buy the insurance when I started the contract.

Just wondering has anyone have an idea on how much it will cost to replace S6 Edge screen and where can I do it in Sydney? Is it possible to DIY screen repair or do I have to go to Samsung/Vodafone for the screen replacement and to keep the two years company warranty?

Update: I got it fixed from Samsung retail store George Street Sydney. They charge me $240 to replace the glass screen.


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    You'll most likely need to have it repaired by an authorised Samsung repairer to keep your existing warranty. Don't think about DIY unless you want to forego the remainder of your 2-year warranty period. Have you tried asking Vodafone?

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