Internet options without lead in cable at property


I moved into a rental property a week ago. Today a telstra technician came and advised that there is no lead in cable installed and I need to get one first before getting the internet.
I have emailed my leasing agent to check with landlord to bear the cost or in last resort I can go with 50-50 share as the cable would be there when I leave.

I am waiting for a contractor to visit and give me quotation and amount of work involved.

Any idea how much the expense could be or what are my options if my landlord declines to approve for lead in installation as it may require some digging around as advised by technician.


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  • Try Belong for avoid the setup fees.

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    Which state are you in? There might be specific laws about the requirement of the landlords to provide a phone connection where you are.

    • I am in Victoria, any specific site to visit that?

      • I had a excerpt from the Residential Tenancies Act found on VCAT (see ) that state the landlord is responsible to provide one (1) working telephone socket into the property.

        The following site however advises the opposite:

        It would be argued that the connection fee is provider agnostic and also a fixture, to which would add value to the rental property thus should be absorbed by the landlord.

        You may wish to check your tenancy agreement to see if this is covered. It's generally $300 to connect/jumper a lead-in cable.

        Most properties are pre-wired from house to the pit thus no digging required, however the jumpering of the cable is where the charges come in. If the property is newly built and there is no lead-in cable, it is generally the responsibility of the property developer to arrange this along with the connection into Telstra Wholesales' copper network

        Should you wish to seek further advice, may I suggest:

        Consumer Affairs Victoria
        Level 2/452 Flinders Street
        Melbourne Victoria 3000
        Telephone 1300 55 81 81 (local call charge)
        Facsimile (03) 9627 6007
        Email [email protected]

        Your lead-in cable may change if NBN is being rolled out, ie FTTP or HFC. Please check your address @

        Best of luck :)

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          Her issue is the house does not have a working lead-in. ergo: the conduit is not in place or is damaged/faulty and needs replacing. The cost of which is not covered under the $300 connection fee. Her costs will be for providing the trench for the new lead-in cable. And yes, the owner needs to cover for this cost if they will approve the work to be done.

  • No foxtel at the house or on the pole outside?

    If you dont have a lead-in cable the cost will be to provide a trench - any concrete to cut will make it very pricey.
    If there is foxtel/optus cable on the pole in your street then you can get internet from them (telstra bigpond cable internet) without the cost of getting your lead-in installed.

    If the owner doesnt want to pay for it, there is very little you can do.

    • Except get wireless internet eg vivid

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