This was posted 6 years 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

20% off @ Menulog (Delivery & App Only)


New Menulog code, expires 30th June.

Conditions (tested):

  • No minimum spend on the voucher
  • App only (Both new/existing customers) - Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows PC 8.1/10
  • Delivery only
  • Payment by PayPal or credit card
  • One use per customer

Full credit to InfinityandBeyond who mentioned it last night, thought I'd post it since no one has. Not as good as the $10 off (unless you're feeding a big group), but a good deal nonetheless.

Edit: For those who don't have a smartphone or don't want to install the mobile app, I noticed that you can download a Windows app for your PC (Windows 8.1 or 10) which is included and will accept the code.

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  • Awesome! Friday night take out it is. Thanks.

  • Man - these vouchers have been a life saver after the loss of el licence haha.

    Cheers OP!

    • :(

    • on the same boat as you, 9 months down 3 to go :)

    • Mine's just expired, and Vic Roads is stuidly slow to send them out.

      • +1

        send them out

        There's your problem. You're supposed to take the day off work, be at the whatever the Aussie version of DMV is called these days, I can never remember, between the hours of 12:17 - 12:18, wait for 3 hours, get told you needed to bring form 666c, come back tomorrow and do it all again.

        • Aussie version of DMV

          Um.. Vicroads?

  • +1

    I'd recommend checking your spam inbox for Menulog coupons. I noticed that they sent out a targeted $20 off coupon yesterday, but it landed in my spam inbox for some reason. I only checked it because another oz-bargainer made a post which was deleted.

  • Nice! ty

  • +3

    YUM to get $10 off your first app order*

  • thanks op! big family dinner tonight.

  • Does anyone know if the restaurant you order from knows that you used a $10 voucher etc?

    Does menulog advise a voucher was used?

    • it shows up on the receipt..

  • +6

    For those who don't have a smartphone or don't want to install the mobile app, I noticed that you can download a Windows app for your PC which is included and will accept the code.

    • Good to see they have one, but it's basically a re-skin of the mobile web site and is a bit flakey (eg. there is no way to get back to the main restaurant listing if you get to the payment screen and decide to cancel/change.)
      Maybe it's better on a phone…

  • +2

    So the voucher does nothing until you hit "Place my order >"… (at least I assume that's the case, I haven't hit the button).

    Having not used Menulog before, I don't want to hit that button unless the coupon works…

    • +3

      Yeah that's normal, don't worry there is 1 more screen.

      Click the 'place my order' button, it goes to the payment summary screen where you'll see the final price with the 20% voucher discount before you then enter your payment details.

  • Another night where Menulog lose my business.

    I'm not using an App to do something I can do on my computer in half the time and I'm not missing out on a deal - Dominos it is.

    • Do you have Windows 8.1 or 10? You can do it on your PC, see here.

  • Thanks OP. We managed to stack the code with a 10% discount for first purchase & free drink, from the takeaway place.

  • +2

    I tried WINTER20 after using the code above and it does 20% off aswell

  • Cheers!

    • +1

      They might have expired the code, have you tried the other codes?

      YUM for $10 off (new users only), otherwise WARM20 or WINTER20 20% off? Hopefully one of those works for you.

  • +1

    Just used today nil issues. Restaurant had 10% off first purchase so it worked out to about 28% all up :D

  • thnxxx OP

  • Can this code be stacked with YUM?

  • -1

    What's Menulog?

    • -1

      What's Eneloop?

  • worked tonight, thanks!

  • Awesome - still working. Thank you. Just saved $20 for group work lunch tomorrow.

  • +1

    Why is this tagged with cashrewards when its app only…?

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