Sports Direct Returns of Faulty Goods

Anyone had any experience with return of faulty goods. I got a set of boots, each one is a different size (neither the size I ordered) nad a soccer ball was damaged (slight slit on surface area).

I have emailed them but will they expect me to pay return postage and do they take a long time to respond. What if I just re buy then for quicker delivery or will that mean I end up with 2 items each.

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  • take some photos and post on their facebook page.

  • NFI. Wait for their reply. Remember the time difference as well.

  • What UK warehouse type stores have done for me in the past (kitbag specifically), is keep the product, we'll send you a new one. Expect Sportsdirect will be the same. No need to go "public" about it. Just email. They'll most likely respond on Monday.

  • Thanks for the responses. No plan to go "public" unless they force me to.

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