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V Energy 4pk $4.66, Mars Ice Cream $4, Danish Fetta $7.49/Kg, Ansell Disposable Gloves 100pk $5.45, Grainwaves $1.84 @Woolworths


Half-Price or better:
Tyrrells Chips 165gm - $2.24
Mars Ice Cream Bars 6pk - $3.99
Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Yoghurt 150gm - $1.00
Nestle Block Kit Kat 200gm - $2.25
Danish Fetta Cheese - $7.49kg
Golden Crumpets PK6 - $1.65
John West Tuna 95gm - $1.00
V Energy drink 4 x 275ml - $4.66
Grain Waves 175gm - $1.84
Cadbury Medium Bars 30-60gm - $1.00
Nestle Kit Kat Share Packs - $2.30
Nestle UK Special 8pk - $2.24
Golden Circle 1 Litre Drinks - $1.00
Heinz Classic Soups 520-535gm - $1.74
Maggi Noodle Cup 58-68gm - $0.89
Heinz Single Serve Soup 300gm - $1.19
Campbell’s Real Stock 500ml - $1.14
Sharwood’s Simmer Sauces 420gm - $1.99
Nanna’s Crumble desserts 550gm - $3.00
Borg’s Apple Strudels 600gm - $3.00
Patties Sausage Rolls 12pk 450gm - $3.75
Patties Party Pies 12pk 560gm - $3.57
Mrs Mac’s Sausage Rolls 175gm - $1.12
Ingham Frozen Breast Tenders 400gm - $3.99
Cinnamon Donuts 12pk - $2.00
Tip Top Raisin Toast 650gm - $2.95
Dynamo Laundry Liquid 1 Litre - $5.00
Cold Power Laundry Powder 900gm - $4.70
Viva Paper Towels PK3 - $2.45
Ansell Disposable Gloves PK100 - $5.45
Half Price Price Wiltshire Bakewear

Other Good Buys
Reggae or Guinness BBQ Sauce 285-295ml - $3.00
Pepsi Varieties 375ml 24pk - $11.00
Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee 500gm - $14.00
Jalna Greek Style Yoghurt 1kg - $4.50
Bird’s Eye Beer Battered Chips 750gm - $2.50
Sara Lee Ice Cream 1 Litre - $6.00
Tip Top One Bread 700gm - $3.00
20% Bonus Value on iTunes Gift Cards
S26 Baby Formula 900gm – 2 for $30
30% off All Arcosteel Frypans
Aussie Carrots 1kg - $1.00
Aussie Cauliflower EA - $1.80
Aussie Sweet Potato’s 1kg - $1.90
Royal Gala Apples - $2.50kg
Optus $30 Starter Pack (Earn $20 Woolworths Rewards)

Can be combined with the $10 Rewards offer outlined here.

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  • Thanks to nocure for some of the formatting.

    • some of the formatting

      Seems like you copied his entire post to me

      • I typed out some of it myself between the time the catalogue was public and when OzB allowed the post. Nocure must've had prior access as he typed a lot more than I did in the same time, so I copied some of their text.

        • +8 votes

          You put out a post with 1 item in the title and 6 items in the description, and managed to get in 6 seconds before nocure, who had his entire post prepared with the 50+ items in the description. You then proceeded to copy the entirety of nocure's post, and his post was removed for duplicate.

          I'd really hate to spend an hour preparing a post, only to be beaten at 5pm by someone who posted 6 seconds earlier and proceeded to copy+paste my entire post to get me removed for dupe.

        • @lyl: Yeah it'd suck, it's happened to me too.

        • @sween64:

          If it sucks then why did you do it?

          If I've made a rushed 5pm post, and then someone else posted the completed catalogue at 5:01, instead of copying their entire post, I'd just request for mine to be removed.

        • @lyl:
          Yep. It's a f*ed up world we live in. Kill or be killed.

          Anywho… $9.50 750g Cashews. Woohoo!!

        • @lyl: I assumed (possibly incorrectly) that the mods would remove nocure's post regardless. If the mods want to reinstate nocure's post and remove mine then they can go for it.

        • @sween64: There is no meaning of rushing when you don't have fan list who will blindly give +vote for your post. For the similar deal other would get 50+ votes in 30 mins.

    • Golden crumpets are $1.65 as per catalogue not $1.25, checked as I was going to add to my shopping list.

  • Can someone explain for me how the optus starter pack work, please ? Is it mean you just only pay $10 in cash for that pack ?

    • It's $20 Woolworths Reward. Scan your Woolworths Rewards card (WRC) and you'll receive $20 off your next shop.