Legit www.msofficedownload.com?

Hi all, anyone buy from them before? Is it legit software or just another MSDN?


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  • legitsoftware2008 [.] biz

  • Unlikely to be based in Australia, they're intentionally attempting to mask their true location and there's a high number of suspicious websites on their server host.

    Any website that needs to put "AUD" in front of their prices or adds a "+61" to phone numbers are generally from overseas pretending to be from Australia.

  • i see, the price for windows and office very competitive but not like other website which is very low price, thought might have a chance that is legal.

  • The name of the url sounds dodgy enough. Sort of like "cheapraybans.com"

  • It is not legitimate.
    I just happen to know the person running that site and the AU, UK, etc. variants of it, and it definitely illegitimate.