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Far Cry Primal PC $29 @ Big W


Spotted farcry primal at big w Doncaster for $29. Pretty decent price given its release date. Should be nationwide I think (as advertised).

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  • Any good? or meh.

    • good for $15

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        Better at under $10.

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      It's a big old "Meh", unfortunately. The game was scheduled to be a cheap DLC for Farcry 4, then Ubisoft demanded the dev's release it as a stand-alone game for $60. It's a complete pile of garbage, devoid of any storyline, replayability or even mutliplayer. The game was only out a day before people realised it was literally the Farcry 4 map re-skinned, with all the "camps" taken out and cavemen camps replaced in the exact same spots. It's pretty much FC4, with none of the weapons, armour, cool things, fun or storyline.


      You'd be hard pressed to even consider this decent value if it was $5. It's literally something a modder could have done inside a weekend if they'd released a full mod kit for the game.

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        Also, if you've played FC3 and the DLC Blood dragon, Primal is the equivalent of blood dragon, except priced like a completely separate game.

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          Blood Dragon was absolutely awesome, too. One of the best stand-alone additions to any game I've ever played. Picked it up from one of the last Steam sales for $3.75 (US). It's pretty much the exact opposite of FC Primal in every way possible.

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          They added in so much stuff in that. And for that price.
          Guess Ubisoft saw the great sales and thought they could push their money grubbing strategy onto Primal.

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        You pretty much summarized what i have read. Although i enjoyed FC4 enough, I wasnt sure it was worth what i paid at the time. And this isnt as good by general consensus.

        I wont add this to the list of "games i will never play" at this price.

        Maybe when its $5 it will make the list :)

        Its important to keep that list growing…why, i am not sure.

        If this game is your thing anyway, then its the cheapest i have seen it.

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        I had no idea it was a reskinned map, That's very disappointing. Then again it is Ubisoft.

  • Division on PC was $39 too, which I thought was decent.

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    20hours worth, gets repetitive

    • Agreed, was fun to begin with but I was glad when it was over.

  • Still waiting for the Xbox One version to go below $20-25.

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    What magical Big W games section is this? More than just every WoW and The Sims expansion on the small PC shelf?

    • Recently we've gotten far crimal, the division, cod but we didn't get overwatch.

  • is the xbox one version $29 aswell?

    • Target have it for $29

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    If you have play far cry 4 like I have you wouldn't like this.
    Not that it's bad it's just the same map same map features and instead of guns and cards you have animals and spears.

    10-15 wouldn't be a good price.

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    Rubbish game, not worth even $10. Ubisoft producing garbage as usual

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    $29 for xbox one ps4 at target

  • I dunno. I liked it. I'd pay $30 for it. Although that's what I paid when it came out if I recall.

    Game does get repetitive that's for sure, but something appealed to me being able to ride a Saber Cat and the story is a little different. Not all bad guys are bad guys. Has a brutal feel, kind of like that Mel Gibson Aztec movie.

    Although seeing what CD Red did with Blood and Wine, it's a shame this was released as a full priced game on all platforms.

    • We like it too, we got it for $50 previously and both me and my girlfriend are very very happy with the game! I never get tired of using my beast to kill other things and the beaver, omfg the beaver is my fav best beast companion (or as I told my gf, companion in general (she didn't like that)).. ever!

      We have never played a Far Cry game before, it seems if we did we prob. wouldnt like this as much. I have no hesitation recommending this game to any one who hasn't played Far Cry before, I still consider it a bargain at $50, I have paid more for a lot less.

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        Haha. I thought it was a Badger. If it's a Beaver you and your gf might be playing another game! ;) ;)

        • Yes badger lol, good one!

  • Thanks OP, I picked one up today; it's still $29 @ Doncaster. There was 1 left on the shelf after I took mine.

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