Affordable Bedding - Target V Kogan

I am looking at bedding, specifically bed sheets at inexpensive prices and two online stores have got my attention, Kogan and Target.

Target get good reviews on here for their 1000TC cotton sheets which retail for $89 for queen size:

I only just discovered Kogan do bedding and they have Egyptian cotton and normal cotton 1000TC and 1200TC at a cheaper price than target but the only reviews I can find are from their own site which are most likely skewed. $49 for queen 1000TC cotton (same specs as Target).

Does anyone have any experience with Kogan sheets?


  • Don't forget that high thread count doesn't mean they are nice. You can get some rough sheets at 1000TC (I got some from ALDI that were horrible). I have Target sheets that were fine… the best I've known were from Costco (go figure).

    • "Thread count has become a buzz word for marketing luxury sheets, shirts and other woven fabric goods. The idea is the finer threads you can weave together, the softer and finer the fabric.

      But that's not always the case. According to Consumer Reports, a thread count of 200 is fine; 400 may be softer. But anything above 400 will likely only provide a higher price tag [source: Consumer Reports].

      To get a sense of the type of fabric various thread counts produce, consider that a thread count of 150 (75 threads one way, 75 the other) produces muslin, which feels a little rough, certainly not silken. Good-quality sheets come in at 180, and anything above 200 is considered better quality [source: Linenplace]

      So how are counts such as 800 or 1,200, which some manufacturers claim, even possible? How could you fit that many threads into a single inch? The short answer is you can't. "Some manufacturers use creative math to boost thread count," explains Consumer Reports [source: Consumer Reports]."


    You should try the world's softest sheets from Adairs.

    The 310tc sheets from Ikea (GASPA) is also pretty good value. They are very thin though.

  • Sign up to Graysonline. Be sure to put down a woman's name. From time to time, they give you a $20 voucher to spend. I have gotten some nice 1000TC sheets this way.

  • I have target 1000tc sheets… They are nice.. Compared to older 400's I have, they are both as soft as each other but the 1000tc sheets are thicker.

  • The Kogan is a cotton/polyester blend and they don't tell you how much polyester. The target is sateen. Do you want sateen sheets?

  • Used target sheets, the ink ended up running and coloring the mattress, wouldnt advise, replaced em with dfo Sheridan Factory Outlet stuff. Much better quality.

  • Anyone know what CoTD sheet sets are like?

    I see them all the time but just cannot get my fingers to click purchase.