4 Month Old Car Just Got Rear-Ended. Moving Interstate in a Week

Just bought a brand new Lancer 4 months ago and it got rear-ended last night while waiting in traffic. We will be moving down to Melbourne (from Sydney) in a week and a half - great timing right? So I will probably have to wait to get it fixed in Melbourne since we only have one car and we don't have any family/friends up here. My question is; is it ok to wait like 2 weeks before making a claim with insurance (never made one before)? We bought the car from Mitsubishi in Castle Hill; we got some 'special protective paint coating' applied to the car. If we were to get the bumper replaced in a Melbourne dealership, will they also apply this 'special protective paint coating'? When we bought the car the dealership said that there was a 'lifetime warranty' on it, but does this apply to all Mitsubishi dealerships?

I will give them a call but wanted to know the opinions of someone that's been in a similar situation or have knowledge about this stuff


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    My question is; is it ok to wait like 2 weeks before making a claim

    Obviously it is better to do it ASAP but 2 weeks is fine. I've heard of people making claims well after 12 months and being valid http://whrl.pl/Rc3IoT

    will they also apply this 'special protective paint coating'?

    Although I see this as a con from most car dealers (especially on new cars), yes the repairer will/should do this.

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    I got hit only a few months ago. I did the claim straight away but delayed the repair for a month.

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    Same as kash1; made claim straight away from the third party's insurance, but delayed the repairs to coincide with a holiday so we weren't inconvenienced.

    So gutting that it's only a 4 month old car, but hopefully it's not too bad.

    • Yeah, poor car :(

      Looks like the guys number plate pierced/cracked our bumper, so it probably needs to be replaced?

  • Why would you take the word of random chumps on the internet?

    Call your insurance company and ask them if you can start the ball rolling on paperwork now, but wait until you've moved to get the repairs done.

    Assuming the car is still roadworthy it's probably OK.

  • I would ring the insurance company immediately, advising what is happening for you. They will probably be fine for you to scout around to find somewhere convenient for you in your new home to get it fixed. God knows they make you wait to confirm if you can go ahead, why not make them wait two weeks to begin the work?

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