Return Policy Due to Pricing Oversight

Hey all, looking for some advice. My wife recently purchased some jewelry (necklace and earrings) from Colette at our local mall thinking she was getting a good deal due to a 40% off sale. It wasn't until she arrived home that she discovered her purchases didn't get discounted. I took the items back to the store thinking we could simple get a refund if the items were not included in the sale. I noticed the advertising signs include a tiny blurb underneath mentioning excludes other offers and new style items. I explained to the staff member what had happened and if the items were incorrectly scanned to not have the discount applied, she checked and we discovered they weren't included, I was also told the items in the sale were only in one particular section of the store (back wall, 40% off signs plastered store wide, no indication of what is and is not included), so I asked for a refund of the items in question. Refund was about to go through when she decided to cancel and say she cannot return the earrings due to health and safety reasons, which I understand but the package was clearly unopened and items unused. Does anyone know what consumer rights say about return of earrings that aren't faulty but returned due to pricing issue? I thanked her for her time and assistance and left, but I'm extremely curious about how consumer rights work in a case such as this? I understand my wife should have checked the price charged before she left the store and there may be no action to be taken except be happy with the items purchased.


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  • Was there a sale sticker on the earrings? From memory, their sale stuff has the red circle sticker with the price on it.

    As for returns for earrings, every cosmetic/jewelry store has the same policy- no returns for hygiene reasons unless faulty. With patience, you could repackage used items like it was new.

    You could whinge to their facebook, but this won't stop you/your wife from doing this again.

  • Unfortunately there is no substitute for the discipline of checking a receipt before leaving the premises. Consider complaining to Mall management because your wife accepted the 40% off signs as true, as per their purpose, its your favourite mall, you've shopped there long before Colette existed, etc. You may end up with a voucher.


    I wonder what made them change their mind about the refund….

  • Personally if I was buying something that was part of a big sale, I would make sure I knew what the price was before the sale, and what the new price was that I was paying now. Unless you can prove that the store is engaging in misleading advertising, it sounds like you may be stuck with your purchase (unless the store kindly lets you return). By signing the credit card slip or entering your pin the price is displayed to you - this is your chance to review the price if you haven't already done so.