Buying Stuffs from Amazon to Australia

I want to buy a few items from Amazon but the seller does not want ship to Australia. Is there another way to ship items from Amazon to Australia? Has anyone tried Shipito service before?

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    Sorry if this isn't the response you were hoping for, but I suggest using the search function as this has been discussed before.

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    I can't recommend any as I've never used one before but you can have a look through a list here:

  • What's the item you wanna buy?

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    Used Shipito to buy an iPad when they were 1st released, (Apple would only deliver to US address) Shipito has a great system, I have used many times they will disassemble incoming parcels and repack into compressed state, include pictures of the process all at reasonable rates $8 US (?)and then send to you at competitive rates.

  • Three power bank chargers (for cousins)


      You might want to do a better search, since many merchants on Amazon might all sell the same product but some merchants will ship internationally.

    • I really doubt that it's worth the cost of a mail forwarder for those

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      Due to regulations by the IATA, FAA and the TSA, Shipito no longer will be able to ship loose Lithium Ion batteries (PI965) for Our customers. This includes spare cell phone, and Laptop batteries, as well as power banks, and mobile chargers.

    • Many of these are available from the regular run of Chinese vendors. Mention the make and model and someone will be able to point you in the right direction. You might find it cheaper as well.

    • Which power banks are you after? I have been able to find almost all the ones I want from chinese vendors. Well except for Anker, but there are others just as good if not better.

      And you will have a hard time getting power banks forwarded now with the new regulations.

  • That means it should apply to all the forwarders

    • Unless it is USB charged the voltage is different USA to AU. I suggest you shop around your local area. MSY or some other discount electronic store may have something for you.

      • Unless it is USB charged

        Most of them are.

  • holdenmg is correct, the parcel forwarders will no longer send lithium battery products. I have never heard of a mobile power bank that cannot be charged via usb. Most appliances today are multi voltage, but it pays to check. I have purchased a lot of stuff from amazon using, but for cheap items, it is not worthwhile, unless you are getting expensive items forwarded in the same package. The smarties who were predicting only a few weeks ago that the Australian dollar would go down to fifty cents US, are now predicting since Brexit, that the Australian dollar will rise and rise. I would not buy anything at all online from amazon now, until the Australian dollar rises in value.

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