Aircon 7.1 kWh

Our air con died and house is like an ice box. When is the next 20% off on eBay ?


  • Sorry to semi-hijack, but I'm after a ~5-6kw one myself if anybody comes across a good deal I'd be happy to hear about it as well…likewise in my travels if I find a good 7kw unit I'll post back here too! :)

  • I bought a 7kW Fujitsu for a very good price from during the recent 20% off. It's working so well, I now want the rest of the house done. Our installer has given us a decent quote for the additional units - not quite as good as eBay 20% deal, but not far off. Perhaps try a few installers, some seem to sell the units at cost to generate the installation work.
    What part of Sydney are you in?

    • Croydon Park, how much is ur installer quoting ?

      • Install is working out at around $450-500 per unit (quality fittings, good quality work) and the units are coming in around 10% less than TGG. I could probably negotiate around 10% off TGG but would struggle to do a lot better without a 20% eBay deal, so aren't going to waste time trying (unless there's a new eBay promotion later this week).

        • Are u hinting to a new promo ? Lol

        • @ravzter: not hinting, just wishful thinking. Unfortunately, the last couple of years July and August have been quiet so far as eBay sales go. I just wish that i'd been more organized and bought the three units I need for the bedrooms when the June sale was on.

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