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[Xbox One/360] Joy Ride Turbo Code - FREE (Usually $9.95) Via Walmart


This is a digital code deal that works globally. Please follow the instructions.

Credits to billyliberty of reddit.

Free Joy Ride Turbo, a racing game similar to Mario Kart, for the Xbox One (and 360) by going to this link: Joy Ride Turbo

Select "enter codes" then enter the following information when prompted:

Bag 1 - 373315XXX 12:18 Bag 2 - 373315XXX 09:39

Change the three Xs for each "bag" to any random number, fill out the rest of the information, and wait for your free game code. Enjoy! This may not work on mobile and may require a PC browser.)

EDIT: This should work outside of the U.S. as well, as confirmed by /u/jakescond from Australia in the comments. Just use a U.S. zip code like 90210.

If it says that the promotion is over, try changing the 2 sets of 3 numbers you put in.

People have also run into issues due to the browser they use, so try another browser if you cannot reach the confirmation page.

Also use this direct link thanks to @tonyjzx

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    Received my code but when I tried to redeem the code I got this.

    Something went wrong

    Sorry about that. Please try again later.



    2016/07/04 - 05:23:51 UTC

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    I just used Hahnski codes with FFox and it worked

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    Worked for me; Used 767 and 747.


    Cheers OP, got one after a bit of screwing around, hope the code works when I go home and check the GF's email. Thanks again!


    cant believe that worked. awesome lol


    I used 369 and 963, with the timestamps from the OP. Gmail account, worked fine.

    The link on the final website to directly redeem doesn't work, you have to log into Xbox.com then copy/paste the code… so open that link in a NEW Windows or tab, or copy the code to clipboard before clicking the link.


    Worked for me on Chrome mobile on Android.
    The puzzle was a bit fiddly but I got it first try still.
    Postcode 90210. 😂


    Hi, Thanks for posting this deal. Really appreciate it.


    Sick it worked


    Worked for me just now

    Used an iPhone to redeem


    I've tried doing several different combinations, however I keep getting a message hindering me from earning the code; "Wait! There's a problem with some of your info". As far as I'm aware, everything's filled out. Could anyone help out or perhaps send a code?


      Everything is filled out but the code you are using is probably invalid, that's why it is saying that there is a problem. I originally had this error message as well.

      What I did to fix the problem was to use different numbers. This solution might not work for everyone, but it's worth a shot.

      Look at some of the posts from other users that have published the numbers that worked for them and add/subtract 30 to 50 from theirs. Keep trying different numbers if it still doesn't work.

      Also try using a different browser, and even use your mobile data plan instead your home network.

      Leave no stone unturned.

      I sent this link to a friend in Hawaii and he succeeded in getting a code after about 5 retries.

      I'm not sure what code he used, but he based his random numbers off mine and added 7 to bag 1 and subtracted 7 from bag 2 with each retry until he got the code.

      The numbers that worked for me (and BruOz) were:
      Bag 1 - 373315527 12:18
      Bag 2 - 373315861 09:39

      Good luck friends - I hope this information can help at least 1 person succeed.


    Worked for me. Thanks OP

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    Still working.. i used 727 and 272


    Still works.Thanks a lot OP


    I just went and got another code for a friend and it worked using the following codes…

    Bag 1 - 373315537 12:18
    Bag 2 - 373315851 09:39

    Thanks again to the OP for posting… All the best to everyone else :-)


    Thanks OP. Finally got it after trying few random sets of digits.

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    Just wanna say thanks to OP again, I've actually been playing through this the last few days on split screen with the GF and it's a pretty solid Mario Kart clone, playing this is easier than turning on the Wii U and digging up some batteries for her Wiimote, so cheers!


    Thanks heaps spaghettiman.(Still works)


    thanks man worked but i had to change the nbrs about 5-6 times first


    Thanks, works great


    Still working, Thanks OP!
    Used 520 and 860.

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