Do grey import Samsung mobile phones work with (Australia) Samsung Pay?

Hi all,

Samsung Australia gives a list of phones that support Samsung Pay, does anyone know if the equivalent grey import models(e.g. Samsung S7 dual SIM SM-G930FD) also work with Samsung Pay?

Thanks in advance


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    Yes, but i needed to download the Samsung Framework and Samsung Pay APK.

    I have a S7 Dual Sim from HK.


      Can you please provide some details. Thanks in advance.


      Thanks HyperZ and as Rashed asked, could you please provide more details of where do you download those Samsung Framework and Samsung Pay APK? I assume you don't need to root your S7?

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    Hi guys

    I got it from apkmirror and no the phone is not rooted. No amount of updates would enable my 930FD with Samsung Pay so I had to do it this way.

    The only thing that's not Aussie are the rewards events announcements they are all US based.

    I've linked 2 x Citibank Visa Signature to the S7, works very well even with magnetic swipe terminals. (As opposed to my Amex thru Apple Pay.. Most places need the card to read the chip with Amex so NFC isn't widely accepted)

    What else would you like to know?


      My S7e from Kogan just updated and it looks like I have the singapore version of samsung pay.
      Did you have to remove any existing versions of the framework and Pay before install the APK's or can you simply install them over the top of whatever is already installed (if your version had it pre-installed).


      Please excuse the ignorance, but by loading the APKs, does that mean you would need to manually keep track of subsequent updates (and also manually re-update)…? i.e. the system would not auto check and update (these components)?


    FYI. I tried this on my S6 SM-G920FD. And it didn't work. Kept crashing when I tried to use my fingerprint.


    Just flash with unbranded Australian firmware and you're good to go.

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