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Globe TB Taj Burrow Shoe - Faded Blue @ Surfstitch $32.00 + Shipping


My Favourite Shoes are super cheap at surf stitch right now. these are super comfy to wear. also other selected items will work with the -20% code

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  • Invisible high five for the tb's I thought they stopped making them. Last pair I bought lasted 12 months before wearing out.

  • Is it just me or are Globe shoes the worst quality shoes ever made? They just fall apart.

    • I wanted to ask this as well… I admit, I've only ever purchased stupidly cheap globes, but they have always fallen apart after a few months, or the material has been crappy and I end up with sweaty feet and/or squeaks when I walk.

      Are there differences in their models? Or will these end up like every other cheap globe shoe I've owned?

      • I've had 2 pairs, one cheap and one a bit more expensive and they both only lasted around 6 months (had to glue the cheap ones back together after like 3 months). I'm only guessing but I'd say that overall the QC just isn't very good. I moved to Adidas and never looked back though. They're so much better quality.

    • Not sure what you guys do with your shoes. Ive been buying globe's for as long as i can remember and never had an issue. I used to skate in them also and they stood up to that torment

  • If you want items that aren't on sale for 20% off, this should work: AC10TW385
    It says it's one time use, but it wasn't last time they sent me one. I didn't use this one. It was also supposed to expire a week ago, but I just tested it and it works.

    If you sign in and leave items in your cart they send you 20% off a couple of days later. I think it's only once per account so if you've had it before you might need to sign up again to do it.

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