13-15" Laptop with decent Spec.. under $1500,- ???


I'm looking for a decent Notebook/Laptop with a decent spec under $1500,-,

do you reckon I should wait for any End of Financial Year bargain??

  • Processor: i5 / i7
  • Blu Ray Drive..
  • HDMI..
  • DDR 3..

any suggestion please…





    There is this one http://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/product_info.php?products_i... if you don't mind HP, but I think you should wait till the End of Financial Year bargains.


    WOW.. that's a great spec and a Cheap Price..!!

    but looks like the draw back it only have USB 2.0 port..

    I was looking at this one as well..


    Do you reckon the price will go down at End of Financial Year ?? (it's like a month away..)



      I would definitely prefer that one, as I am an Asus fan. I think the price would go down, since it will be the end of financial year and as far as i know, they haven't had a sale on for quite a while. The asus one only has a dvd writer, where HP has a blu-ray writer if that is of any importance.


    btw, what's wrong with HP ?? are they not good..

    I thought they are number one in the world at the moment…


      I think they are the largest computer company at the moment, but I heard they have the highest percentage of returns due to faults. If you don't mind the quality of Acer and HP, the specs have better value for money. My sister has had her HP laptop for over 2 years and it works fine, never had any problems. IMO I would go for the Asus if you don't mind spending the extra cash, it does have one USB 3.0 port, which i guess makes it more future proof. Unless you need a laptop now, I would wait closer to June 30th.


    If you dont mind importing a laptop in then www.bhphotovideo.com/ have very good prices, even with shipping. Asus have global warranty so that shouldnt be a problem either.
    I just bought an asus ul30vt for about $950 from them. Would cost me $1250 min to get it from Australia.


    you can check out dell (factory) outlet which sometimes you can snag really good specs for cheap prices.


    i'm looking for a laptop soon too for the same price…gonna wait till june 30 and try to get one once the sales start.

    BHphoto is a good option and have imported a few lenses from them but the aussie dollar is going downhill and the difference is marginal…need it back around the 90c mark