Samsung VR Promotion Problem

I hopped on this deal a while back

However since I had never been credit checked before Woolworths had to do that and the although the order went through, it wasn't until the 18th of July that they called me telling me it was okay and they would now send it.

Before this, I was worried I couldn't jump on the VR promotion, but after messaging Woolworths before the end of June, they told me that Samsung had told them as long as the purchase had been made before July I was able to get it, so they told me not to worry and so I didn't.

When I tried to apply for it recently, the site told me that I was only able to apply 14 days after July, and after a quick email, Samsung told me I had unfortunately missed out on the promotion.

I guess I really should have checked but I never noticed that the deal was only open for 14 days after and Woolworths never told me either. They had assured me there were no issues with getting on the Gear VR promotion, but now I can't get it apparently, which is a shame since it was one of the only reasons why I had jumped on that deal.

Any advice on what I can do? Or do I have no option but to let it go…

Thanks guys!

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  • I'm also on the same deal, but I think you might have to let it go though.
    They weren't wrong though about the 14 days, but they just weren't clear on what had to be done for it to be valid. I'm assuming you had to sign up on the last day and tick provide IMEI later, from which you'd have 14 days after signing up for the promotion to provide the IMEI. From my email signup " It is a condition of entry that you provide the requested information within fourteen (14) days of the date of the notification email "

    • Yeah that's what I thought, I never saw the terms and conditions until I was denied, suppose I might have to let it go, thank you :)

  • at least you guys got the phone. they left me hanging for ages and like 20 emails and calls later they declined my order after about a month.

    • I haven't had the greatest experiences so far with them either, nothing compared with the customer service I got from Google on my Nexus

  • I would have thought if Woolworths have guaranteed you would get it, they should provide some form of compensation.

    • I'll call and ask about it, especially after they made me wait for a month as well, but I don't think I'll get anything out of it

      • Can't hurt to ask, never know if you don't

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