Where Do I Buy Intel 8260 Wireless Card?

As the title says, I've searched everywhere and there is no Australian stock, any help?


  • Buy it from a Hong Kong or Chinese seller using eBay

    • If only I could wait that long because that means I'm without wifi for 1 month because my killer 1535 is killing the wifi lol.

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        The killer is performing as described… :)

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          Yep :D

  • Ethernet cable?

    USB to Ethernet adaptor?

    Buy a Wifi dongle?

    • CPL said they're in stock next week, do you have any experience with them?

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        CPL or the 8260?

        CPL used to be very difficult to deal with if you had a return for any reason. They may be better now. Caveat emptor.

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        Yes. They're fine.

        • Thanks, it's because on another site it says to avoid them.

    • I contacted them all, no stock.

  • Often with Killer stuff it's the drivers that cause the issues.
    You might be able to use generic drivers like what can be done with the Killer desktop Ethernet devices.

    I do have an Ultrabook that came with the 8260 and can confirm it is very fast under the right conditions, and reliable under pretty much all conditions.

    My machine is a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 460, wireless AP is a Ubiquity UniFi AC Pro access point.