Car Insurance for Someone on Student Visa and Overseas Licence


My friend has moved to australia 5 months back. He bought a car yesterday and tried to get a quote on compare the market website but most companies say we can not offer the insurance. I am not sure why.
He is 24 and has overseas license with driving experience of 3 years.
Racv gave the quote of $136 over the phone.

Any suggestions on insurance companies welcome. Thanks


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    As far as I am aware, all the major national providers will provide him with insurance and the price won't be much difference compared to someone on a similar age with a Australian License. Do note that a lot of insurance companies have a additional age excess or a driver without Australian license excess. So his claims are going to have a higher excess but the policy is the same. A usual suggestion is always read the PDS before purchasing any insurance.
    As long as your friend is on a Student visa, he is allowed to drive with his Overseas license so should be insured by most big insurers. I had friends in a similar conditions being insured by RAC (WA), AAMI, Allianz.
    Also I believe you have to buy a separate CTP insurance if you are in NSW. I am sure someone from that state can shed more light on it.
    And kudos to your friend for being responsible and getting a insurance (atleast 3rd Party) before he starts driving on the road.

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    Be cautious regarding licensing.
    If your friend should have a Victorian licence it is possible any claim would be denied even if he had valid insurance.
    I think this is the info you need in Vic:

    With a local licence he will have more options for insurance too.



      Thanks for the info!

      He is already in the process of getting his learners licence.

      also got insurance through Allianz($88/m).


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