Best Place to Buy Filters and Lenses for DSLR in Sydney

Hi fellow bargainers,
I am looking for wide angle lens and polariser filter for my nikon 5100 camera.Can some one suggest me best place(cheapest in Ozbargain vocab) to them in Sydney or online?
Thanks in advance.


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    Why not wait and read for the specials as they appear in here.

    In the mean time research and decide which lens, with suitable filters will suit you best.

    There are a few different options with your DX version Nikon camera.

    One of the more mentioned ones thats good but more budget priced would be the Tokina.

    It comes in 11-16mm (either MK1 or Mk2) as well as a newer 11-20mm, all with a aperture of f2.8

    There are a multitude of other options though including Nikons own.

    • I'm deciding between the Tokina 11-16mm MK2 and the 11-20mm. Any suggestions?

      I've got a d5100 like OP as well and am recently been getting into photography as I've got a few trips coming up.

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