Minor damage incurred during insurance repairs?

So about 3 months ago a lady T-boned the driver side of my car with her 4WD and I had to put my vehicle in for assessment/repairs. They decided not to write it off and took about 3 months to repair & source parts for the car. I picked it up today had a look on the drivers side and everything seemed fine, it was pouring down and fairly dark. So I didn't have a clear look all around the car (I messed up, I know but never would've guessed any damage would've occurred post-accident ). Took it home and noticed a significant chip of paint missing from the rear bumper, a few minor scratches that definitely weren't there before. They also replaced my mirror, but it doesn't match the passenger side.
I'm taking it back tomorrow, so they can look at it and compare with pictures.

My question is do they have to touch it all up no matter how minor it is, if it all happened under their care? And also do they also have to replace the side mirrors as a pair, if they can't find an exact replacement? (It looks ridiculous with different ones on each side & they did not inform me they couldn't find a replacement, which I feel they should've). Also what if we don't come to an agreement, can I complain to AAMI since they have that "Repair Guarantee" and if so what can they do for me?

sigh Never been through so much inconvenience in my life, all because a lady decided to turn fast in the rain. Sorry about the rant included with question guys.


  • Should take evidence and report your concerns to your insurer to follow up with the repairer.

  • the repair needs to put your car back to the condition it was before the crash - however minor the thing you find that differs from 'pre-crash', it should be fixed

    report these issues to your insurer and insist they are corrected

  • I had similar problem when my car was rear ended. They applied a 1 pac paint to the bumper, but the original clearly had 2 pac. There was a laundry list of other stuff, I contacted the insurer who said I had to deal directly with the repairer. I told them their repairer sucked and I'd be changing insurers, that was AAMI.

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