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Free Pint of Beer (Fat Yak) Via Clipp App (excl QLD)


Copied from the email I received today:

To get your Fat Yak:
1. Open a Clipp at any venue that stocks Fat Yak (we have listed them in the app).
2. Order any Fat Yak on tap, and we’ll cover the cost up to a Pint (570ml).
3. Clipp will take care of the rest, no need to mention the promo to the bar staff!
4. You're welcome!

iOS: http://clipp.co/ios
Android: http://clipp.co/android


Note: Deal is limited to the first 1500 redemptions and not available in QLD.

Feel free to use my referral code KCT66 if you're yet to sign up. You'll get $10 off and I'll get $10 credit.

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  • Slightly more complex than you make out - it's limited to the first 1500 redemptions, and you have to start a bar tab at said venue, after registering your credit card to Clipp.

    • Wouldn't you assume that would AUTOMATICALLY be in the rules? Since its a bartab payment service…

      • Nothing in the OP about it being a bar tab payment service, just an app that supposedly gets you a free beer by opening it - hence the additional information.

  • +3

    A pint is 568ml.

  • +1

    Not available in qld

    • Poor old QLD… never the blushing bride.

  • whose making a $$$$ on a referral code and… selected pub's

  • Free beer. I have no problem with this. Wonder if you can use it at multiple venues.

    • Limit of one (1) claim per Clipp account during the Promotional Period.

      Does no one bother to read the T&Cs?

      • Its like asking do you read the instruction manual or asking for directions ;-)

      • +1

        No. First thing I do when opening a new Ikea box or a TV or software is throw away the manual. Why would I read T&Cs? That's crazy talk.

  • Not available in SA, NT or Tas either, as there are no participating venues in those regions.

  • How many have been used up already?

  • These are still available, finally got a redemption working last night. While the t's and c's say 'any bar that stocks fat yak' they actually mean 'the ones with icons in the app'.

    The best thing about Clipp however is that if it's busy, many barman look at your Clipp number, say thanks, then actually forget to ring in the sale 😉