This was posted 5 years 2 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Prison Architect Xbox 360 - FREE


This could be a pricing error, but the full version of Prison Architect for the Xbox 360 is currently free on the Xbox Marketplace. Grab it while you can!

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    Thanks, grabbed it!

  • Thanks

  • Got it

  • Cheers OP!

  • Not BC with Xbox One, but free is free.

    Cheers OP.

  • Always good when it's free! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cheers, grabbed. Here's hoping they don't revoke it down the line though.

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      They did this with the Fallout 4 bundle, I received around $12 for their mistake .. So I won regardless of if they took the game away from my account or not..

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        Same, although the scale of loss compared between Fallout and Prison Architect makes this one an easier pill to swallow if it only receives limited exposure for a small duration. Being the X360 version, I'd say we've got a good chance of keeping it.

        • Too true, let's wait and see.

      • God I hope they give us money in exchange for this one. That's one hour I'll never get back.

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    I just sent a friend who recently bought a 360 a code for Joy Ride Turbo, and thought to myself "Man, there's always something free for Xbox, I should check OzB just in case so I don't miss out" and boom, what's on the top of the page?

    Cheers OP! I mean, I only have an Xbox One, and I think there's already and Xbox One version of this so it's unlikely it will be made backwards compatible, but (profanity) it, never know!

    Also, I forgot Microsoft is stupid and needs a credit card to buy something that is free. e

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      Also, I forgot Microsoft is stupid and needs a credit card to buy something that is free

      You don't need a payment method if you "buy" via the console itself.

      • That's good to know, but I only have an Xbox One and since the game ain't BC, I can't do that. However, it's still a major oversight as I prefer to buy my stuff on the website anyway.

        Like, for example, I've heard if you buy a BC 360 game on the Xbox One console, it won't work on 360s, but if you buy it on the online store, it works on both. That's just something I've heard though, I've not cared enough to look into it though.

  • For those who don't have a payment method attached, get it on the console!

    It's listed as an 'Arcade' game, not 'on demand'.

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      I did try but can't get it for free.

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      Yep it asks for a payment method if you purchase online :D

  • I want it on steam lol

  • Great post OP TY :)

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    Thanks OP. I am playing the tutorial at the moment. Wow this game is brutal, did not expect this…

    • Warning:


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      Lol that's only the introduction, the game is nothing like that at all.

  • Thanks OP. If anyone is looking for an Xbox 360 I managed to get one from Target yesterday for $50 Check your local store but I doubt there would be many around.

    • Wow I would get one at this price. Can anyone say what he availability is like? My local store straight up told me they have only 500 gig and the 1 tb, then put me on hold indefinitely.

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        I got mine from Forest Hill but it was their last one. There would not be many around. You can call customer service and they can generate a stock report to see which stores, if any, still carry stock.

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          Thanks unity. Called 1800 814 788 and spoke to a guy who ran the stock report. He says not a single store in Australia has stock. You were probably the lucky last!

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    I'm impressed with the amount of free games on my xbox. Deals like these & games with gold + backwards compatibility, my library is pretty stacked. They might be losing in the console sales but I'm really happy with the xbox one.

  • I don't think cashrewards worked??

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    kept coming up as $29.99 for me. CHanged regions and still wasnt working. Had to download it on the 360 for it to work.

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      I'm having the same issue, I've tried it on the xbox and on windows marketplace but it keeps coming up as 29.99 when I go to buy.
      I've given up.

      • Change your location to aus. I bet its set as USA.

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          It's set to Australia in settings, language and location on the xbox . I've changed it to au on market place via internet browser on pc. I've seen it a few times as free as soon as I click on the game it comes up as 29.99

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          Resolved the problem with the following link

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          @madturbo123: yep, that's what worked for me! Migrate it to aus!

        • When I try to add the billing information after I change the account to Australia.
          "Uh oh… that should not have happened."

          "It appears you have found a glitch in the system."


          Ok I tried several times and same error, so I searched for a city in Australia and a valid zip code for that city and it worked(Tasmania 7999)


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    I'm trying to 'buy' the free full game via my console, but it just keeps 'looping' me back to the 'buy game' screen… anyone else having this problem?

    • try migrating your console region, i have a feeling youve set it on US. check out the link posted above.

  • Worked fine for me on website, thanks.

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    This won't be as big as the Fallout price error, looks like this time it is only free for Australia.

  • It is showing up as Free for me, but when I click to buy, it shows $29.99 plus tax, and yes my region is set to English (Australia).

  • Cheers OP, played it during Alpha development and was turned off by lack of proper tutorial. Here hoping 360 edition is better

    • Can say the PC has not much in the way of tutorial…still can't work out how the damn electric cables/generators etc work

  • Thanks. Got it thru logging in on a borrowed iPad of all things. (was out when I saw the deal).

  • Login in from iPhone shows full price, got it using xbox

  • Cheers OP.was keen to give this and try and free sounds workable! Came up no problem on the link through to marketplace.

  • Got it. Thanks.

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      Positive vote it then m8

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      Since when? The game discourages abuse of prisoners. How about you go actually play the game…

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        Prison IS the abuse of prisoners.

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  • Perhaps it is just met but it showed full price (29.99) on my Xbox 360 marketplace. Possibly expired?

    • Nope, still free…I just helped a family member grab it…

    • buy it on xbox

  • Nice find, man.

  • I'm getting a, "Sorry your purchase cannot be completed at this time. Please try again."

  • Coming up as 39.99 for me now, guess they fixed it. Amazed it was free for as long as it was. Cheers again OP, I got my copy early.

    Not gonna lie though, since I don't have a 360, I'm hoping we might get another Fallout 4 situation where they take it back and gimme some online moneys, I mean, I doubt they would given it was a lot less exposure and a smaller game, but still, one can hope.