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40% off Domino's Pizza (Excludes Value Range)


Domino's have released a new 40% off code today which runs until Wednesday Friday (new code 316476 added).

Based on the regular prices here (SA), this code works out cheaper for all pizza types (makes extra value pizza $4.77), unless you are ordering traditional. For traditional the $7.45 code 553854 may work out cheaper ($7.45 v $7.77). If you want 3 traditional pizzas then use 3 Traditional Pizzas + Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink $21.95. Double check prices with your local store as they can vary.

40% Off* Pizzas Online - Delivered or Pick Up! ENTER CODE: 316476 Valid until 12/08/2016.

If you are ordering 13/8 - 15/8 then 154830 code will give you 30% off but the other set price codes will work better for traditional/chef's best at least.

*Online Only. Discount applies off menu price pizzas.

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    Where's hamza23 ? :P


    Hopefully there will be a code for Sunday

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    it's funny you can often get the domino's code via google buy typing in "pizza hut", and the ad for domino's comes up at 40% off

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      One time I actually had a curiosity and wanted pizza hut for a change, then saw the ad with discount and the OzBargainer in me just couldn't turn it down.

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    Thanks OP,

    Was just about to lose all hope of getting discount pizza, after trying 4 voucher codes! Saved the night, and $12.



    $9.54 Thin 'n' Crispy lunch ordered.

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    Thanks. Enjoy my pizza for less than $5.


    11.95 for extra value at my local.

    7.17 for extra value……can't get 4.77????

    Doesnr work on the $5 value range


      Wow extra value is $7.95 here in SA ($7.95 minus 40% = $4.77), I checked a couple NSW & VIC stores and it's the same. I think I read elsewhere WA is more expensive but didn't realise it was by that much.

      There are some $5.95 extra value codes here & here but I'd say they won't work in WA


    Bloody doesnt work anymore..aww im late

    Ordered the cheesy garlic bread for 0$ move onto next page click order and confirm. Then last page states its unavailable at my store? Odd because my voucher worked.. can anyone else confirm? For postcode 7249


    Working in Brisbane tonight


    Castle Hill (2154) store can't take any orders atm
    Either phone or online
    The system is down
    I found out after 15min of trying to fix a pricing error on a Hawaiian pizza (supposedly $20.95 before code)

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      Looks like that is for delivery and price includes the whole delivery fee + some. It works out okay for multiple pizzas as additional are $9.95 before the code, for example 3 hawaiian/extra value comes to $24.51 delivered but still $10 more than picking it up. It also seems other extra value codes only work for pick up so much you can do if you want delivery. For that store for pickup it comes to $4.77 after the code or $7.95 before:

      VOUCHER: 40% Off Standard Menu Price Extra Value, Chef's and Traditional Range Pizzas
      1 X HAWAIIAN
      $4.77 4696KJ Classic Crust


        My point still stands, when I called the store to check up on what was happening, they said both online and phone services were down for their store


          Yes I understand. I was just trying to help you out for when they could take your order again thinking it was a temporary thing.


          Oh we gave up and got something else
          There was no guarantee they'd be back up and running by the time we were ready to eat


    Such a shame they discontinued the Capricciosa

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