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20% off 2XU (Compression) @ Sportitude


Got an email. 20% off 2XU.
Not sure when it ends. Promotion finishes on 22nd of August.

I've been looking for a special on 2XU tights for a while.
My last pair (Standard full length compression tights) was really good, however they went AWOL whilst travelling.

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    Can anyone comment on the effectiveness of a genuine pair like these vs a Chinese knockoff? I don't expect these are too hard to clone.


      about to find out. saw some 2xu's on aliexpress for real cheap.. gonna place an order, but honestly am expecting a low grade copy…


      There's debate as to whether the real thing is even effective or not.

      But with Chinese stuff, I think you run the risk of too loose due to fit, or too tight therefore cutting off blood circulation.

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        Haha yes, I agree. I am not sure if these work! My uncle says they are good. I would prefer to try a $50 Chinese pair first, not $180 for a brand name.

        Always more risk with a Chinese pair.


    Purchased my first pair of compression tights last week as we relocated to Canberra and its boody cold when out running.
    I got them from Kmart as they were only $15.
    I'd never pay $50+ as I only got them for the warmth. It's quite subjective as to the benefits of compression gear.