Dock for XPS 13


Just bought a Dell XPS 13 laptop which has the thunderbolt/USB Type-C port available.

I have been looking for a suitable dock but not having much luck.

I assume it was better to get a Thunderbolt dock over a USB Type-C one, but from what I can see, the only difference being that the Thunderbolt version allows dual 4K screens whereas the USB Type-C dock only allows 1? Does that sound right?

Any recommended docks for the XPS 13? I just want a basic setup really, 1 x 1080p monitor, USB port for keyboard/mouse receiver and the ability to charge the laptop(safely, not a constant charge/discharge that may harm the battery).

I am going to go ahead and get this one as the Thunderbolt version doesn't even seem to be available in Australia, do you guys recommend this for my requirements? If not, any suggestions?

Dell Dock WD15 -

Thanks in advance.


  • Ended up getting the Dell WD 15 dock which is fantastic. I think I need to upgrade my 1080p monitor though as it looks a little grainy since the XPS has a QHD display 3200 x 1800.

  • Hi @snagseb, did you buy direct from dell? Did you consider the dell adapter da200? I'm tossing up between it and the wd15.

    • Yes, I did. There is a 10% off code on OzB as well so make sure to use that. The main reason why I got the dock over the adapter is that the dock supports usb-c charging so I don't need my power adapter connected and makes it much easier to still make the laptop portable because it's only one cable for everything. If you still want to take your laptop around get the dock - make sure you have a USB-C port. If you want to use your laptop like a desktop the adapter would be fine :)

      • Hey snagseb, any problems with this dock over the past year? Does it drive the monitors normally after the laptop is woken up from sleep?