Currency Exchange from AUD to USD

Hi Everybody,

I will be travelling to the states this coming Saturday the 20th August for 13weeks and had a question that I wanted to post to the brighter folk out there. I have been scouring the web for the best possible exchange rate, it appears that Trevelex provides the best buy rate @ 0.7537 as of the 17th August. I would like to exchange AU$2,000 which will give me about US$1,508 at this rate. However, the funny thing that I have noted is that if I exchange my aussie dollars at LAX airport on arrival, I will be able to exchange my AU$2,000 for US$1,719. (

My question is this, does anyone know why there is this approx. $200 difference in doing the currecny exchange in either Australia or the USA? Obviously it would be better to do the exchange when I arrive in the states according to this info. But I could be wrong (which has been know to happen….if you talk to my wife).

Appreciate if anyone could answer this question.

Also before people question whether $2,000 will sustain me for 13weeks. I will be travelling with a 28 Degrees CC additionally work will be covering accomodation and car rental. So the $2k is sort of like in case I need cash money.

Thanks peepz,


  • It seems like the rate you have selected is for buying AUD with USD. At the moment, 2000 AUD will buy around 1500 USD. WIth travelex, watch out, because buying currency in store will give you a different rate compared to online, and they will probably also charge you extra fees.

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