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$1 Minecraft Mini Figs Series 3 Blind Box @ Woolworths (or $12 for Complete Set)


Plenty of these for $1 ea. Apparently the 2nd last digit on the embossed numbers near the barcode, denotes which fig is inside.

$12 for a complete set sounds like a bargain, too bad we are not minecraft fans :(, but I'm sure there are plenty of fans here on ozb. This was I believe in officer, vic. Enjoy!

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  • For those wondering, they are really small. Really, really small. It's about half the height of a Bic lighter.

    Also, these are blind bags (or boxes in this case), meaning there's a random figure in there. You'll need to buy way more than 12 boxes to have a complete set.

    Here's the Amazon.com page for reference

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      Read the op.

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        Whoops, my bad. Completing a set is going to be easier than those Lego Mini Figure blind bags.

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    A miner bargain, but thanks

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      I see what you did there. Very crafty.

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    Cheers OP

    just to clarify, is it the last two digits or the 2nd last digit only as I can only think of 10 unique digits haha (unless there are letters too)

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      2nd last alphabet of the embossed numbers, near the barcode. They are apparently A to L (12 figs)!

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    Not on sale at my local Woolworths Vic

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    I thought "minifigure" was a copyrighted Lego term. I guess this is "mini-figure" but still…

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      Like when Cadbury copyrighted the colour purple? We had to repaint the house.

    • You cant copyright general discriptive terms I belive. Its a miniture figurine it would be like copyrighting butter. Mini fig you likely could though as its abreviated.

      Idk someone will have more of an idea than me.

  • Did not have these at my local Woolies in VIC.

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    Also available: Minecraft Dates

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    Got these in a NSW store where I am. $5.99 each, not on special. Must be store specific… :(

  • My new woolies has the series in the lighter colour box still at $5.99

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    Overpriced plastic junk I would get sick of looking at in 10 mins, still worthy of a +1. Thanks OP.

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      Your words say one thing, but you actions say another.😁

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    I just want the lil piggy :/

  • i could only found series 4 at my local woolies

  • not on sale at my local woollies in the Illawarra $5.99 each, and they still scan at $5.99.

  • Not at mine either

  • Just went down hoping to add to my daughters Christmas stocking.
    They had them on the end of an aisle in a clearance section, but still scanning at $5.99 :(
    I put them back.

  • Does anyone have the article number or barcode number for this? I have called the Office Arena store and it isn't on special.
    The special seems to be for series 3 only

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      The ones i found were series 3. It must be store specific