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DJI Phantom 4 4k Drone $999.99USD (Approx $1360 AUD) (Save $349USD) Via Banggood Top Brand Sale


Stumbled upon this while looking at Drone prices.
Banggood are having a 48hr sale on 'Branded' products.
Sale doesn't start for a while, but thought the price on the DJI was worth posting about (DJI online store still has them over 2k)
AUD conversion based on 1AUD/0.74USD who knows where it will be next month.

also 4.8% cashback brings it to $951.99USD
- Edit: site traffic must have increased, sale no longer 48hrs, and starts earlier (was 8-9th September)

Copied this from Banggoods page:
Avoid obstacles automatically.
Track moving subjects automatically using ActiveTrack.
TapFly lets you fly with a tap of the finger.
Smart Return Home allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns home.
28 minute maximum flight time, maximum control range of 3.1mi (5km).
Maximum speed of 44mph (72kmh).
Integrated gimbal for greater camera stability and smoother footage.
Optimized Vision Positioning System raises positioning altitude up to 10 meters.

Package included:
1 x Phantom 4 RC Quadcopter
1 x 4K HD Camera
1 x Remote Controller
4 x Propeller Pairs
1 x Intelligent Flight Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Power Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Accessory set

Xiaomi Mi Drone also listed on the sale now, 399-499USD for 1080p-4k respectively (though no 4k drone stock yet)

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  • When you click on the P4 link, it still shows AUD$1800. I suspect the sale won't start until September 8th.

  • Need to factor in customs and import fees since its over $1000. Its around $250-300 for those fees.

    You can try to get them to devalue it but its fraud and will cause issues if you need to claim insurance if it gets lost or damaged.

    Im not sure the usual price of these so not sure if its sti worth it when you factor in customs and possible warranty issues.

    • perhaps we can hope that the USD tanks to a 1:1 lol. Come on Donald Trump!

    • How did you arrive at " $250-300"?

      • You not only have the GST (about $150), you also have to pay the processing charge ($50), and you may have to pay duty rates (unsure if exempt as it is an electronic item).

    • It's under $1000

      • Calculation is based on the value of imported item in AUD, and includes services associated with the product (eg cost of shipping). If shipping is free, add $0 to product value, if shipping is $25USD = ~$40AUD.

        • I was certain the rule was under $1000 usd and this is for custom fee free

        • @thelastnoob: Yeh, easy enough misconception / misunderstanding to have, but AUS law, AUS currency, definitely assessed on the Customs Value in AUD (CVAL = product + transport & insurance services)…

        • +1 vote

          (CVAL = product + transport & insurance services)

          The initial "will I need to pay GST?" A$1000 threshold and 'CVAL' do not include shipping.

          As explained in your border.gov.au link:

          The Customs Value (CVAL) is the value of the goods on which duty will be charged. Generally the value used is the free on board (FOB) value of the goods, which is the value of the goods excluding overseas transport and insurance.

          If GST is applicable, it is calculated on the Value of the Taxable Import (VoTI), which includes shipping and insurance.

        • @Thrift: Yes, good observation, you're correct: CVAL duty is just applicable to the item value, then GST is charged on item + duty + T&I, then you will likely also get Customs Entry Fee. I was replying to 2 comments at nearly same time and forgot to separate the sequence of calculations (as per the comment below). Anyway, good pickup.

    • Yes, Iplau is spot on. Also, you get charged GST, Customs Duty, etc in a sequence.

      If the Customs value (CV) of imported Goods = $1,500.00
      Then the Customs Duty @ 5% of the $1,500 (CV) = $75.00 (Payable)
      Assuming the international transport and insurance (T&I) = $125.00
      Then the VoTI = (CV) + Duty + (T&I) = $1,700.00
      GST = 10% of the VoTI = 10% x $1,700 = $170.00 (Payable)
      Therefore the Total Duty plus GST payable = $245.00

      On top of that you will be due a Customs Entry Fee ~$50


      • Is there anyway to avoid these fees? Maybe having banggood mark it as gift?

        • So you're saying fraud?

        • Marking as Gift no longer makes it exempt. This loop hole was fixed ages ago.

        • +1 vote

          Many of these shops don't say the real value on the package.

        • @YellowKnight: What if I decide to purchase one for a family member as a gift? Should it be marked as a gift or not?

        • Shame. We shouldn't have to pay these extra fees as these are personal goods and not going to be resold. I assume these fees were enforced to prevent people importing and reselling items.

        • @siggy213: You can mark it gift if you want but that is irrelevant from the perspective of applying customs duty and GST. Same as when you buy a gift from a shop in Australia, can't ask the retailer to exclude GST.

        • @siggy213: WRT personal goods not for resale, that is also irrelevant. The fees were not introduced (a long time ago) to prevent parallel import and resale, they are part of Australia's various Commonwealth & State trade and import, goods & services, and general revenue policy. They are used as a revenue stream to fund various State and Cth activities.

          The Productivity Commission undertook an investigation and report into this specific policy area less than 3 years ago. They asked for public submissions, and that was a good opportunity for anyone to say "I don't like it, and I don't want to pay these fees", and I'm also prepared to forego the services provided by the State and Cth Governments that would be affected by not accessing this as a revenue stream. For example, no longer funding AusTick Electrical Safety Standards (prevent electrocution & things bursting into flames) and Customs activities relating to the prevention of biosecurity threats (prevent lots of badass bugs affecting livestock or fruit, or bees etc).

          I'd rather not pay it, but I prefer more having those services provided. So, when I shop overseas, I'll either keep the import < $1000 or quite prepared to pay the fees.

        • @xdreamyst:

          Its only gonna get worse - Hockey agreed to the limit being dropped from $1000 to something like $100 to keep the Aussie retailers happy!

        • @digitalane: Yeh, I'm not sure how I felt about that - personally disadvantaged but accept the conceptual merit of the change. It doesn't take affect until July 2017, but I can understand the Aus retailers request for equal application of the policy (they were at a disadvantage unintended by the Legislation) because the retailers are actually just point of collection for a Cth tax.

        • @siggy213: Gift means nothing now. You can mark it as gift if you really want… as in Australia even if you mark it as gift and don't put a value on it, they will do market assessment unless you can provide proof of purchase.


          This is copied from there:
          Gifts sent to you
          There is no longer a concession for goods sent as a gift. Goods that are gifted, donated, loaned or supplied free of charge are still subject to assessment for duty and other taxes and charges if they have a value of more than AUD1000 or if the goods are tobacco and/or alcohol products.
          If you are unable to provide evidence of the value of the goods, the legislation (the Customs Act 1901) provides other ways of determining value.

        • @clse945111: I noticed that many of these shops don't say the real value on the package if it is cheap <$100-200.

          But when its over that, quite a few shops do put the actual value for insurance purposes. Since you cant say "Customs's declaration is $200" then when you lost the package you say "Oh i wrote it wrong… it should be $2000" lol

    • Yeah a lot of people post these things without putting all the info out there. Anything above 1k and will have import tax. Unless you were planning on flying the drone here that is.

  • It's not on yet. :(

  • It was $1679 from DSE/Kogan last week for AU stock/warranty

  • That's a crazy price. If I didn't have spare P3 batteries lying around I would have jumped on it straight away.

    But I wonder how much Banggood have in stock, if just a couple then the chances of actually getting one are slim.

    Also, no DJI warranty as I believe Banggood are not an authorised seller? Contradict me if I'm wrong.

  • good price on the xiao mi drone. has that been up here before?

    • I havent seen it listed at that price before. If its $399 USD plus the cash rewards cashback that brings it to sub $500AUD. Hard to say no.

    • Is this Xiao a good drone for a beginner ? I see it's in Chinese though :(

      • Is it in chinese? The youtube reviews i saw were in english. It looks like its a lot of drone for 500 bucks.

        • The app has been translated to English but isn't officially supported and take a little bit to be updated. It would be a great beginner drive but it seems to have a few problems at the moment

  • Consider buying locally during a sale here returning back to BG or Hong Kong for warranty within the 12months won't be cheap. Pretty sure DJI won't service it in Aus if imported.

  • Thats a good price, I bought mine from aus-cameras a few weeks ago, I paid $A2399, but included 3 batteries and a 64GB card.

    The Phantom 4 is a fantastic drone.

    • That's what I did last week but from dji website. Shipped to my door in 2 days from Hong Kong. Such a good deal considering batteries are $289 each. I also got a multi charger in my deal too.

  • Great price but worried about warranty. Drones are prone to failures and malfunctions.
    I picked up my Phantom 3 standard local stock for $769 but not very satisfied with its range.
    Will seek for a better deal and take the chance.

  • IT is currently showing the buy price at AUD$26.52 haha

    Anyways, look at the 3DR Solo drone instead, it is way better the the DJI. Also 4K is a waste to have for another year at least.

    And yes, the custom import fees apply.

  • Yeah just saw that AUD26.50 and shipping AUD20.87! That's a Phantom 4 for less than $50! Would you pay tax and duty on $50?

    not a normal sale. Snap up sale start in 1 day 15 hOnly one available.

  • Anyone bought one? says $1332.45 AU with 20 odd bucks postage.

    Seems like a pretty good deal.
    What warranty issues could there be with these?
    Pretty close to taking the dive.

    • I'm gonna chance it!

    • It shows initially at US$999 but then price goes up to $1349 :(

      • Me too. Am I missing something? Has the sale not started?

        • I took a dive and bought it on Wednesday 24th Aug. Got it at $999 USD. Still waiting on order to be shipped, Its still in processing stage 48hrs later! I noticed yesterday price has gone back up and stock levels went from < 500 to restocking in Sep 1st.

        • I had an online chat session - there's no stock so they've put the price up!! They said stock will be back on Sept 1 and offer will be reinstated but i'll believe it when i see it

        • @tlattouf:

          be interested to see what happens here - i'm willing to take a chance with a credit card payment in case it all goes tits up

        • @digitalane:

          I bought from banggood before no issue's. They usually just take a long time to ship items. I'm confident I'll get the DJI 4 however I'm not confident I'll get it soon.

          Received this email a few hours ago (typical chinese site reply lol ) as I just want to see it shipped. Was hoping to get it before Fathers day.

          Dear Troy ,

          Thanks for your email.

          It's only few housr since our last contact.

          Order xxxxxxx is on the processing.

          We will ship it in 48 hours.

          No need to worry.

  • Seems they're now saying Sept 6th and price has changed again (come down slightly - but not as low as the $999)

    THey're ads on right hand side of this page show AU$1334 but when you click through its not that price

    • Just got an email now from banggood saying its been shipped from singapore post. Will advise how it tracks next week.

      • Lucky you! I also put my order in on the 24th (9:30pm Syd Time), still yet to be shipped unfortunately…

        • Still in shipping notification status and except it will be that until early next week. Long time ago when I order some stuff from bang good it takes a good 2-4 weeks to arrive. I get the feeling they don't have stock do it will be delayed ( even tho I ordered it when they had stock).

        • @tlattouf:
          Just emailed banggood, turns out I need to wait till the 6th before mine gets shipped. I guess the price was good enough, so I might just need to be patient

        • @iamdollar:

          Just reporting back to say I got it delivered today. No import duties either.

        • @tlattouf:
          Awesome, thanks for the update, good to hear that there were no import charges/GST!

          Mine is getting shipped out of SG this morning. happy flying

  • Hi,

    Can i confirm the total price on this will be AU $1334 + the import tax ~ $250?


    • Not yet… If they don't sell them all before the 8th it will drop down to: $999.99 US which will be around the $1334 AU mark.

    • Yes I reckon thats about right

      DWI will sell it for $1620 with current 5% off and I think they drop ship so no import taxes

  • Did they remove the DJI phantom 4 and put the Yuneec typhoon in its place? :O

  • Anything that can be done about this? Strange that they would drop an advertised sale item? I'm not yet ready to move on 😂

  • Yep…all gone :( I was ready to part with the $$

    I emailed them too…no reply..

    To hell with them now :/