Bulk Sliced Onions in Canberra?

Woolworths and coles has 4.20$/kg in 500gm bags, seems expensive. Anything cheaper somewhere else in Canberra?


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    Costco $1.99 hot dog with 590 mL drink with refill comes with AYCE onion

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      implies costco ever have an abundance of diced onion available to hotdog purchasers…

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      What's AYCE onion??

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        All You Can Eat

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    Ask Tony Abbott

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      Wrong guy to ask. He doesn't wait for them to be sliced.

  • Might want to try Aldi or Costco for frozen.

    Fresh http://www.themeatman.com.au/onions-5kg.html or https://jordoschopshop.com/sliced-onions.html

    If you want to do it as cheap (cash wise) as possible just buy a 10Kg bag and food process them. Not neat slices but good enough for fund raiser BBQ (easier to bbq them as fragments rather than rings).

    Manuel's Potatoes at Fyshwick markets used to be my goto but they went broke a couple years ago.

  • Go Troppo Wholesale outlet in Fyshwick, 10Kg bag peeled and sliced, $5/Kg, ($50/Bag) but obviously price varies with market/supply.

    The frozen 500g supermarket packets are cheaper per kg @$2.10/500g but the quality is less and by the time you cook them down, a lot of the weight of the frozen juice and water burns off and it's not as good quality, or value, as the bags of fresh.

    (My experience is from lots of BBQ's over the years for two motorcycle clubs and at my own work for a large employer: 30-40KG of sausages [@500ppl] at a time.)

  • Get a mandolin, and wear thick cleaning gloves or any heavy duty gloves, and go crazy slicing it. The gloves will protect you from slicing your hands.

    • And goggles.

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