Recommend Me Comprehensive Car Insurance Options for VIC - Opinion/Experiences Please

Long story short, I'm looking for a comprehensive car insurance insurer that have provided the Ozb community with a positive experience after an accident.

Current policy with AAMI is coming to an end (Thank god). After not having my car for 3 Months + extra damage from the repair centre and still currently open claim. I've decided AAMI and the repair centre they sent me too, offer good customer service, but poor workmanship and care for my vehicle.

If you guys could recommend me an insurer you're with along with past experiences after an accident and dealing with your insurer, it would be much appreciated.


  • all insurers are the same…ish

    AAMI are admittedly the lowest of the low

    they all look to reduce their payouts when required…..

    maybe CGU? we're with them, but have never claimed…..

    (we were with AAMI, made a 'not at fault claim', biggest bunch of c…s I have ever dealt with)

  • YOUI.

    Despite their poor payment method which involve automated charges from your credit card annually they have been the cheapest for us and this year my missus was involved in an accident. Car was written off, I was stressed out as she was on her final months of pregnancy. Luckily the baby is ok, delivered next day no issue as the water broke after the collision.

    The whole process was dealt professionally. Claim was smooth as butter and they were really attentive and making sure everything is ok from my side and the other party as well.

    So yeah, other's may have different experience with them but so far for me they have been decent.

  • I have RACV. It was a bit more expensive than others but quite happy with customer care. You get the choice of repairer as well.

  • I recently made a claim with Coles insurance. Was my fault minor damage to both parties. Was one simple phone call, couldn't choose the repairer but their chosen repairer was my preffered anyway. Never heard back from the other party so I assume he got all sorted out too.

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