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The Warehouse Heinz Tomato Ketchup 3 for $1


Some good bargains, especially on groceries, such as 180-packs of tissues for $0.89, Dove soap for $0.99 and 1.25L soft drink for $0.69

But what prompted me to post today is that their Carrum Downs Victoria store has 500ml Heinz tomato ketchup for $0.47 … or 3 for $1 if you buy in bulk! So that works out at $0.33-$0.34/500ml … compare that to Safeway's standard price of $2.49!

It's the old-design bottle - still plastic and squeezable, but not the one built to store upside-down.

So check your Warehouse to see if they have a similar great clearance special.

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