Starting an Online Retail Shop

I'm looking to start a small online retail shop selling to a niche market. I expect to list between 4-8 items. I've seen shopify, what are my other options? I've done a little website building before using CMS packages, any recommendations? Long term I'd like to minimise transaction fees (maybe avoid paypal?) but happy to use something like paypal short term.

Thanks in advance.



    Just go with Shopify. I have worked in ecommerce for years and also freelance, I always use Shopify.

    PM me if you need any tips I specialise in getting small ecommerce businesses up and running.


      Got any tips for a good product to sell without too much competition. Haha. I would love to run an ecommerce store and played around with Shopify with a dropshipping idea but didn't go ahead with it as it was a bit daunting, too much room for error with dropshipping from aliexpress.

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        Ah that old question. Mate if I had a good idea for a profitable product to sell I certainly would not be dishing it out for free on OzBargain!

        I don't mean to sound rude, but given your lack of knowledge of ecommerce systems and the fact that you don't even have any products to sell, I would say you're a long way off making even a cent.

        It's kinda like saying "I'd like to be an AFL player" when you've just started playing for your local club.


        Got any tips for a good product to sell without too much competition

        If someone did answer your question, there's only a couple of reasons:

        1. you're the idiot being played or
        2. That person is an idiot

    Shopify is a good start. I've setup and managed many shopping cart packages and a lot of them are a real pain to deal with.


    Magento seems to have a free edition, and be more up to the minute than the venerable oscommerce.


      Magento is enterprise level ecommerce software, complete overkill for a simple 4-8 product store.

      It might be 'free' but you will end up spending hundreds.

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    Go with a solution like Shopify, or if you want to host the website yourself, Wordpress + WooCommerce.

    All of the major eCommerce solutions are overkill and not worth the time / effort for so few products.

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    I'm curious what are the advantages of this vs using eBay are. Is it just to minimise fees? How do people find your products?