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[Soldout] 2m HDMI Cable Free Give a Way Again from PricesEngine


Dear OZbargain member.

This is marketing manager from
We are repost this feeebie on our website again to apologize the website problem last time.

Due to large traffic and PayPal problem. We are unable to accept the order last time.
Thats why we have fix the problem and repost the deal to all the OZbargain member again.
Thanks for all of your understand and visit.

We will have bargain deal everyday on our website. And very welcome to visit and give us any suggestion.

Thanks for all of you.

Mod: Changed link to link directly to site & added that deal is sold out
OP, Please don't revise description for new product. Submit new deal

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  • Thanx, just ordered seems to work this time

  • I assume anyone who was able to get one last time around is ineligible?

    • says 1 per paypal account

  • didnt work for me

  • i get to
    and it gives me a blank page? dont know if it went through or not

    • Maybe it's because the traffic. Let me check with owe it department.


      • my order did not go through. when i logged into paypal and then tried to confirm i got the error page. I tried three times and still the same deal. then it was sold out…

        • We have confirm that's it's the traffic problem. We have more then 50 people online at the same time.

          Maybe try it later. Sorry about that.

  • after paypay login then error ??

  • Website doesn't seem to be working!

    • We are checking. Maybe its traffic.

    • If you are using firefox it might be blocked. Try using IE, worked for me on IE not on firefox. (the link provided didnt work on FF)

  • Sold Out

  • parts of the site are broken, and the parts that work scream 'teenage kid trying to scam people with Frontpage'

    • It does look a little off but it's the same mob as who have been around a while and seem to be pretty decent.

      Even the sender address (I received my cable today) is the same as 9289's.

  • i got one thanks

    i will reserve my vote untill it gets deliverd


  • sold out :(

  • wtf, sold out at 2:20pm

  • I managed to get one and didn't have any problems?

  • Item Price: 0.00 (sold-out)
    Shipping Charge: 0.00
    Paypal Sucharge: 0.00
    Total Price: 0.00

    haha i bought a sold out

  • Why does it not ask for login details? My page goes to dummyA with blank details

  • Sold out.

  • -1

    Site only works in IE :(

  • Is it just me, or are other detered by the broken english in the summary of the deal?
    Wont touch this at all, no matter how free, this free cable is.

  • i will vote when i really receive it also…just ordered one with the sold out

  • what i dont understand is if it's free then why ask for paypal. Why not ask for name and address and sent it over.

    • +1

      cause i guess it is easier to limit it that way otherwise people would be using fake names to get as many free cables as they can.

      • +1

        limit it to 1 per address.

        • They were probably careless when they built their shopping cart software and didn't allow for free items or assumed that PayPal would work with a $0 amount… then once it was online I suspect they didn't want to re-do it.

          But yeah, limiting by address would've been more sensible.

    • +1

      cause paypal requires contact no. = marketing potential….

  • it is still work for me, it doesn't say sold out

    • just got email below

      Thank you for shopping at

      Your purchase order is now being receive.

      For your reference, your purchase id

  • +2

    do change your password of paypal..

    bought but didn't have any activity on paypal.. and no email confirmation as well..

    highly recommend to stay out..

    • yeah just did the same, but also guess no email from paypal as it was a zero $ transaction?

    • +1

      Due to Paypal can not accept the payment amount in $0.

      So our website pass by the paypal payment procedure. So we only us your paypal account to verify that you are paypal customer only.

      Don't worry about the personal information. our website will not store your personal information.


  • wow i managed to buy a sold out item for the first time in my life

  • +1

    Mine says "Purchase payment confirmed. Thank you for shopping with us…"
    No email confirmation though, so don't know if I'll receive the cable.

  • looks like when they start charging for other things they will charge Paypal Sucharge


    • Yes we will charge PayPal surcharge. But it's depends on the deal we have from our supplier.

      We only charge what PayPal charge us. We will not making any money on the surcharge.

      That is our principle.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • +1

        You do realise that what you have just stated is against PayPal's terms, right?

      • I think you should just dump paypal and use a proper credit card gateway and have bpay for those who dont have credit card. paypal doesnt give us buyers anymore protection anyway but just increases the costs for everyone.

      • Are you freakin serious? That is a charge put on you as a seller, not for you to pass it onto your customers.

        How about you start charging us for the hosting and domain cost too.

        • How out of touch with reality can you be? You do realize that all etailers budget for their merchant fees in their pricing and it's standardized across the cost of all items anyway, right? If you're going to have a whinge about it, use bank transfer — you come out ahead. Sheeesh.

  • Just ordered mine and got a confirmation email from them as well.

  • Ordered 2 using different accounts. Got confirmation for both.

  • Just ordered mine and got a confirmation email from them as well.

  • Doesn't it seem strange that it's free (including shipping) and yet you have to log into Paypal? Why can't they just accept your postal details?

  • Worked for me at 3:04PM using Chrome web browser.

  • the site must have been experiecing heavy traffic..

  • worked for me with firefox ;)

  • yes it works now

  • thanks a lot!!

  • working! thanks!

  • Works fine with PayPal and firefox! THANKS!

  • Missed out. Sold out

  • sold out

  • Working fine! Thanks!

    • I must have got the last one ;)
      Now sold out.

  • LoL, how long did that last?? 15 minutes…..and their clock timer is still counting down to 20 hours 30 minutes remaining

  • Stock seems to randomly appear if you refresh… Managed to score one, maybe. Unsure as the process wasn't 100%.

    • Tried it and it went through, looks like some problems with their system. Any as another poster said I won't vote +ve until I actually recieve something

  • to the team at pricesengine - your website is really badly put together, give your developers some time to test before you start selling …

  • I missed it!! =_=

  • sold out :(


    Site Notification
    Dear Customer
    We have already remove the realtime user function from our toolbar.
    We are sorry for any inconvenience to this issues.

  • +1

    I really don't get why websites can't be developed to priorise/let people complete their transactions before letting others start…

  • Just got one - It's still available just keep refreshing your webpage

  • no confirmation e-mail for me either…

    Edit: Just got one :D

  • NO STOCK……

    Edited - Mod: Revoked vote, as 'No Stock' isn't a valid reason for a negative vote

  • Got one, i think….
    Didnt get A confirmation email though, i got two emails…
    Hmm.. wondering whether will actually receive it though…

  • gone

  • If you do a hard refresh (CTRL-F5) a few times, you will eventually see "sold out" change to "1", possibly only momentarily, but if you manage to click on the PayPal logo while it says "1" it will let you order!

    • tried and shows 1 but still pops up with sold out message

  • +1

    I emailed them about this issue but haven't got a reply yet, i would advise against purchasing from these guys until they get a security flaw fixed which allows you to see other peoples order information (including email, phone and address).

    I told them the exact flaw, but will not repeat it here in order to protect peoples privacy as best as possible.

    Edit: Yep, they finally got rid of the online users part, so now it will be a lot harder to exploit, probably to the point of infeasibility now.

  • Site didnt work when I tried - weren't sold out at the time, just overloaded

    • I would suggest you to email them if you really want to get the free cable.,

  • Yeah, this is indeed a security flaw from wibiya's toolbar. Just came from the site and the toolbar is now gone. They must have removed it.

  • -2

    what a joke these things are…

  • got my HDMI cable today thanks.

    • That was quick, do you live next door to them?

      • +1

        At least within Sydney they seem to use Fastway Couriers.

        Within the same city Fastway can be cheaper than the post office (e.g. 9289 to me probably cost them somewhere between $3.65 and $5.10 depending on their volume.) The downside is that the quality of the service is variable depending on which franchisee covers your delivery address. Mine's great but there's a thread on Whirlpool about people having trouble with theirs.

  • Seagate failed on me so I preferred WD.

    • Dude this is a cable, also which model was it? are you gunna blame the brand.

  • HDMI cable arrived this morning, thanks

  • Recived it today in registered post…
    I think postage is expensive then the cable…

  • Got my cable yesterday, thanks :)

  • got my cable today via registered post. amazing. cost them fortune

  • Received cable in registered post, awesome deal.
    Just got the Dell ST2210 yesterday and a also large TV today, both with HDMI so this is very handy

  • Why would they send via registered? Such a waste of money.

  • Anyone tested their cables? Working ok?

    • cables work fine! using it with me media center as we speak!

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