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Nutrition Link Launch Offers - Meal Management Bags $59 Save $30, Testosterone Booster $99 Was $149.99. Bundle for Free Shipping


Hi Ozbargainites!

My name is Matt. I've just launched an online store called Nutrition Link that I am the shop manager of. We're a new online nutrition outlet that is bringing in and banding together some of the best brands in the Sports Nutrition Industry to the Australian Market. We are a new venture and are based in Melbourne, selling to all of Australia.

To celebrate the opening of our online store, we're featuring three launch offers!

1) Super T Test Booster for $99 (RRP $149.99)

Test Boosters claim to Boost Strength, Improve Muscle Tone and Mass, Increase Energy Levels and Reinvigorate your Libido (nice!). Performix Super T does contain proven T-Boosting ingredients, such as Fenugreek, Viatmins B6 and D. Full nutritional panel available on the online store. From experience, this one works really well!

2) Fitmark Bags "The Box" - Meal Management Bag - $59 (Save $30!)

Whether to bring your lunches to school, into the office, making sure the family eats nutritious food on a trip, or ensuring you are keeping tabs on your macros by eating healthy on the go, Fitmark Bags "The Box" is the perfect meal management bag. It can fit 2 meals, any healthy snacks needed throughout the day, carry your protein shaker (with an ergonomic storage compartment) and with 2 freezer packs it'll keep your meals nice and fresh. Retailling at $89, we're selling it for $59.

3) Super T + The Box (In Red) Bundle for $139 - Save $116! (with Free Freight)

Now if you liked the sounds of those two products, get them in a bundle with Free Freight! Super T + The Box (In Red Only for the Bundle) for $139 (retailing together at $225, free freight).

While you're at Nutrition Link, check out our range of protein pancakes and muffins, protein chips, coconut water, sports supplements and meal management bags!

And If you're dropping in for a visit, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest upcoming additions to the online store, exclusive offers/specials and more!

Any feedback would be awesome too. If there's anything we're missing, feedback on our website or on our range of products, or if you just want to get in touch with us, feel free to email us at [email protected] or email me directly at [email protected].

Thanks Ozbargainers! Happy Shopping!

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    Just a heads up, any company claiming to have a 'wonder product' which boosts T is blaintantly lying to you. Any raise in Testosterone will raise estrogen. If they're not supplying an estrogen suppressant then it's blaintantly obvious that the product does nothing but strip you of your hard earnt cash. If this product really did work, they would very simply supply before and after blood panels/tests (only scientific way to test testosterone levels) of test subjects proving that they raise T.

    Be warned, many supplement companies claim to have found the holy grail of test boosters and then poof they disappear from the market.

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      Buddy you better check your research before you make such wild accusations.
      My naturopath said i was going to die unless i rubbed an oitment of 8ppm baby tears on my feet every full moon, and i haven't died to date!
      Best $200 I've ever spent, an absolute bargain. It's for your health after all.

  • Test Boosters claim to Boost Strength, Improve Muscle Tone and Mass, Increase Energy Levels and Reinvigorate your Libido (nice!)

    Claim?!?!? You are hoping people drop $99 on something which isn't proven?

    • Only products that have gone through rigorous clinical trials can say it's proven. They need to be careful with their words on any supplement products. Same goes for all supplements, they will say, has shown, claim to, and so on. Legal reasons.

      Saying that, this seems like a usual 'testosterone booster', with Zinc and tribulus, Maca powder, Black pepper and some other stuff.

      From my research a few years ago, things like Maca do seem to boost libido (in both men and women) and tribulus does seem to work for some to raise free testosterone levels (people have taken it and done their own blood tests before/after). There ARE studies on some of the components, but the results are always inconclusive, because it is after all supplementation and everyone reacts differently.

      Need to remember supplementation only helps assist your body to produce what it can, it doesn't artificially enhance your 'normal' biology.

      But yes, you can probably grab this from elsewhere for cheaper, or make up your own.

      My advice do some research on the components and their needed dosages for them to even have the chance of making an effect.

      Blackmores for example are massively overpriced for the dosage in their tablets and the dosage of their supplments usually aren't even near what you need to see an affect.

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