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Rays Outdoors Ruffwear Dog Gear for Outdoor Adventures Clearance Eg Dog Bed $19 (RRP $109.95) Vests $19 (RRP $69.95-99.95) etc


Ruffwear is a brand that makes outdoor gear for man's best friend.

Rays Outdoors has a massive clearance on their items eg. Leads, collars, bowls and toys priced at $9, and vests and beds priced at $19.

I had a quick look on google for some other stockists to gain an idea on RRP. One that's been posted on ozbargain before is Laura Doggie Store and they seem to have RRPs of $70-90 for the vests, and $110 for the bed.

I don't think you will find cheaper prices anywhere else.

Links to some items:

High Visibility Vest $19 L/XL S/M

Swamp Cooler Vest $19 M L

Highlands Bed $19 One Size

Huckama Toy $9 M

Turnup Toy $9 M

Safety Beacon $9 One Size

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