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Get a Free Registation Reminder Sticker from Greenslips.com.au


Visit this link and get a free reminder sticker to place on your windscreen for when your rego is due.

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    when it comes in the mail is enough of a reminder.

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      Doesn't always come though. Mine didn't this year.

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        Neither of the letters come?

        • Got unlucky I guess, something must have fallen through when Zurich pulled out of CTP Insurance, you can normally trust insurance companies to come asking for your money.

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      I've had them admit to me that there are bugs in their computer system and many people do not get sent their notices in any given year

      I speak as someone affected (I keep all my paperwork, no chance in hell I chucked it)

    • Letter never comes from RMS.

    • Received neither letters. And recieved a fine for being unregistered the day after it expired. Payed it on the spot to continue on with my day but too receive two letters every year then none c'mon what a joke. but it's my fault

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    google calendar reminders are already free

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    Give the bloke a break, it's his first post and it's not a scam or spam, nor does it have any hidden costs.

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    Nothing is free. It looks like an information gathering site tied to one or more evil insurance companies.


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    Have fun with your 'free' sticker!

    • Perhaps give your work address as the delivery address, and use a burner email account? Then they only get your name, and it's not like you have to spell your name exactly correctly. Just well enough that your work's office staff can figure out it's for you.

      I just checked, and no, you can't use an Australia Post parcel locker for letters. Parcels only, what a pity.

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    I might forget while walking from the car to the computer. ;)

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      Then you need to put it on your computer screen instead of windscreen.

  • It'd be great for my nan who doesn't own a computer or smart phone.

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      But your Nan does have you, and you have one or both of those things. Set a google calendar reminder "ring Nan and remind her that her car rego is due soon".

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    This could be replaced by a piece of paper with sticky tape on it… WITHOUT giving all my details an unknown website…

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      I put one of these on a fixed window on my car.
      Works a treat. Free. Simple.

  • As mentioned google calendar

  • Wish you could pay monthly with PayPal/Bank/Debit Card etc etc..


    it'll never happen

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    i have a few of these laying around from before, my details didnt get sold to some company in china or india to call me and sell me random products.
    get a + from me.

  • Ive been annoyed at organizations that insist on sending snail mail invoices, typically annually. Was delighted to discover that Vicroads actually allow you to receive their notices in your inbox. Yay. Only issue i have is that each person must have a unique email address. In our case, my wife and i have a joint email address ( so had to create a dummy +xxx before the @ sign) but regardless, i would imagine that in many households one person has effective responsibility for the finances, so a single acct would be desirable.

  • Service NSW will remind me anyway ;)

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    We remove the rego stickers in VIC only to have people offering reminder stickers to take its place? Haha

    (No offense to OP)

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